Brainstorming: generate ideas effectively

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Need a brilliant idea?
Brainstorming will help you. We’ll share the basic rules and life hacks to make the idea generating process more effective.

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What is it? Brainstorming is a method of looking for ideas to solve a problem. It is a process of sharing ideas without restrictions and judgement.

Here are life hacks from Kharkiv IT Cluster’s experience.

  • Choose a coordinator — a person who will control the process and write down all ideas.
  • Explain the purpose of brainstorming to the team: the problem that needs to be solved, the result that needs to be achieved.
  • Do not judge. An idea that doesn’t fit is not necessarily bad. The main thing is not to stop but keep on talking and writing down everything the brain generates.
  • Write all ideas on a board, even those absurd and fantastic, so that no ideas are missed and all of them are right before your eyes.
  • Set a time limit, say, 30-40 minutes. Such a limit will stimulate brainwork.
  • After the discussion, group similar ideas and remove those that do not solve the problem.
  • Choose the best ideas with your team; discuss working options and prospects for the implementation.

Follow the rules, use life hacks. Now, you have a ready idea.

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