SoftServe business analysts conducted a series of trainings for employees of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

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SoftServe business analysts have conducted a series of trainings for The Ministry of Digital Transformation employees
The Ministry of Digital Transformation has engaged the leading business professionals to train its digital transformation project managers. The program was developed by leading industry companies and adapted to the Ministry requirement.

The course consists of a series of trainings, including: public administration and law, basics of programming, project management and business analysis. Among duties of Ministry employees: analysis of the activity of executive authorities, process optimization, management for digital solutions development and project management.

Six SoftServe Business Analysts have prepared a business analysis course program and conducted sessions on: business analysis and requirements, requirements identification and analysis, business process modeling, BPMN, from idea to solution (idea validation, product vision), requirements documentation, entity relationship diagram (ERD), requirement lifecycle management.

“Ministry employees faced similar tasks to the business analysts functions in private companies. While preparing the course program, we have adapted our experience to the government processes optimization and automation issues. We hope that these first steps will contribute to qualitative changes in public services and cooperation between citizens and government,” shared Iryna Kryuchkova, Business Analysis Lecturer, Associate BAO Service Director in SoftServe.

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