Results of AI Conference Kyiv 2019

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On June 4, Smile-Expo held the second AI Conference Kyiv, a conference dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in businesses.

The event involved representatives of Vodafone Ukraine, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, FUIB, iHub, Homsters, SMART business, IoT Hub, Planeta Kino, LITSLINK, SAP Ukraine, and many other experts. They explained who should integrate AI solutions into company processes right away and why.


Importance of business customization?

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi (DevRain) believes that AI can give business a competitive advantage.

“Great news: the current level of AI adaptation in companies is too low. If you think of joining this sector, it’s a good time. One supposes that each organization will turn into a data or an artificial intelligence company in several years. If you don’t have this component, you will lose the competition,” Oleksandr states.

Andriy Burlutskyi (SMART business) revealed how to manage customer experience and segment the market in terms of behavioral features using neural networks. The speakers told the audience about the experience of Citrus and Chervonyi Market, which managed to improve their business performance due to AI solutions.

“Currently, any company can afford AI-based solutions. The only thing that matters is its collection and storage of data as well as operation with IRP, CRM, or Exel systems. It is still impossible to apply AI wherever, but it is too late not to use it at all,” the expert stresses.


Case study by Vodafone: how to figure out what clients need before they enter the shop?  

Attendees were greatly interested in the presentation by Sergiy Boryslavsky and Mykola Traknov, representatives of Vodafone Ukraine. Speakers talked about the Vodafone service allowing advertisers to target the audience of the visitors of entertainment centers more accurately.

“In large shopping malls, all stores compete for a stream of people passing them. We have learnt to determine what attracts individuals when they enter the mall. Afterwards, we can provide consumers with a unique offer that will most likely intrigue them,” Sergiy says.


Real-time review of guests’ best practices.

Besides, the conference featured a round table: Recipes for harmonious business development using AI, Machine Learning, IoT, automation. The discussion involved members of METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, SAP Ukraine, IoT Hub, LITSLINK, and iHub. It was moderated by Stas Petriv, a tech community builder.

Experts discussed special aspects of the efficient business growth using automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. They also analyzed automation possibilities, necessity for individual education in this field, as well as importance of foreign experience and adoption of AI technologies in businesses.


Are there any benefits from artificial intelligence for small and medium businesses?

AI Conference Kyiv experts are confident that there are certain benefits.

Roman Kravchenko (IoT Hub) noted that the integration of AI solutions provided small and medium businesses with an advantage: such companies could rapidly try various tools and select the most appropriate one. At the same time, major corporations can spend lots of time on coordination and adoption of a single solution.

Event partners included:

  • ua job search portal;
  • Minfin publication;
  • Nash Format edition.

The next AI Conference Kyiv will take place in 2020. Meanwhile, you can attend other Smile-Expo events. Details about relevant events organized by the company can be found on the website.

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