Amazon Web Services: credits for startups

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One of the main priorities of the Kharkiv IT Cluster is to provide values for our member organizations. We are working on improving infrastructure, lobbying for business interests, looking for discounts, useful offers, and much more.

We have great news: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our new partner!

Now, our members have the opportunity to receive irrevocable financing from AWS cloud infrastructure of one to five thousand dollars!

If you have startups and your developments/products/MVPs that need financing, fill out the form by the link and follow the instructions.

The last day to submit applications: August 9.

The offer is available only for members of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, and each financing will be verified by the organization.

The deadline is soon enough; send your application in time. Take a step closer to your dream with Kharkiv IT Cluster!