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A new game that lets developers create characters with unique personality has been demonstrated by Ukrainian engineers

The GlobalLogic team created a video game demo based on the technology of Replica Studios and Google Cloud. GlobalLogic specialists visualized a game world in which the behavior and dialogues of non-playable characters are created by artificial intelligence.

A team of Ukrainian engineers from GlobalLogic has developed a demo game in which non-playable characters (NPCs) can communicate with players and each other using artificial intelligence technologies. This innovation speeds up the production of games for developers and provides a new and exciting experience for players.

The video game market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.76% between 2024 and 2027, resulting in a projected market volume of US$363.20bn by 2027.

What this means for the gaming industry

With this technology, developers can instantly and ethically create thousands of characters using generative AI. Through a prompt, a character can be given intelligence, motivation, and a unique personality. To do this, it is enough to specify personality, such as “Alan, the druid of the enchanted forest, wise and strong,” “Fiona, a royal emissary with an Eastern European accent,” or “an Italian mob boss with a heart condition.”

This makes game development much easier. There is no need to write down all the possible responses and reactions of the character in detail. They are automatically created based on the NPC description. Characters will be able to dynamically change dialog and actions during the game.

What has been created so far

Replica Studios combined voice and behavior generation technologies with Google’s Gemini Pro model to create non-playable characters with their own personalities through the use of artificial intelligence.

GlobalLogic engineers then created a demo game based on the latest version of the Unreal Engine. Vertex AI, a machine learning framework from Google, was used in the development process.

«The demo had to be created in a short time, so our extensive experience with AI came in handy. It took us only a month to go from an idea to a full demo,» said Dmytro Vatolin, Associate Vice President of Engineering at GlobalLogic Ukraine, «GenAI significantly speeds up game development and also gives users a completely new immersive experience.”


About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic, part of the Hitachi Group, is a global IT company headquartered in Silicon Valley. It is present in 23 countries and unites 30,000 engineers.
In Ukraine, GlobalLogic is one of the three largest IT companies. More than 6500 Ukrainian engineers of the company create digital products in key industries such as medicine, automotive, telecom, construction, media, finance, semiconductors, etc.

GlobalLogic has been recognized as one of the most sustainable companies, the largest exporter of Ukraine, and one of the largest private companies in Ukraine according to Forbes.
The company is also one of the best employers according to Ernst & Young.

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