What is the CS phenomenon?

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CS is a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster with a big name. The company has been successfully operating in the information services market for 26 years and has a lot to be proud of.
As of the beginning of 2023, 62% of Ukrainian banks and several leading banking institutions in other countries use the company’s software products.

map-414x233 What is the CS phenomenon?

The B2 automated banking system, the CS::BM corporate data warehouse, and iFOBS online banking system for private and corporate clients are just some of the solutions that Kharkiv IT Cluster offers to its customers today.

CS partners include Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Sophela, IBM, Cisco.

The company is certainly proud of each of its achievements, but the biggest reason for CS’s pride is its team.

Many years of experience in joint actions

The career life cycle of an IT specialist within a single company is decreasing every year. At CS, the situation is quite the opposite — 40% of the team’s specialists have more than 10 years of experience.

statistics-414x232 What is the CS phenomenon?

What is the reason for this phenomenon? Why do highly qualified specialists remain loyal to CS? The answer to this question can be found by talking to the company’s representatives in various areas.

Oleh Pokhil, QA Team Lead, 16 years in CS

pohil-480x480 What is the CS phenomenon?

«Working at CS is a constant experience. The harder you work, the more you get. When you’re constantly doing something new, you don’t think about changing something and leaving a job that has a lot of unknowns. Another big plus is the team with whom you have gone through many trials. You know that they will always be able to help you, and when needed, you will be useful. Stability is not the least important in all this. Many challenges have been overcome, and when you realize that you are involved in this, it is inspiring.»





Svitlana Yatsenko, Technical Writers Team Lead | iFOBS, 14 years in CS

yacenko-480x480 What is the CS phenomenon?

«I have been with CS for 14 years. The hardest part was in the first year – I came to IT from another field, changed my profile dramatically, and was looking for my place in a new company. From the very beginning, I felt strong support and achieved results quickly. I started my career as an ordinary tech writer, and two years later I was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the technical documentation department. After that, years of really interesting work and the most valuable thing for me, communication, followed one after another. When I ask myself what keeps me here, I find a clear answer — not «what», but «who». The team, the atmosphere, and the relationships. People who have become more than just colleagues over the years. Yes, the IT market is very, very changeable. Today the conditions are better here, and tomorrow — there. You can chase salaries, you can look for better conditions, but personally, I am where I feel good, where I feel realized, where I feel respect and support, and confidence in the future.»


Pavlo Fedorenko, PM, 12 years in CS

fedorenko-480x480 What is the CS phenomenon?

«I have been working in the Kyiv office for quite some time. The atmosphere that has developed in our team provides support in any case: the implementation of complex projects, new processes within the company, or just meeting with colleagues for fishing. I personally enjoy doing something that brings benefit and satisfaction to both the company’s clients and colleagues, and with such a team, it is very easy.»






Yuriy Antonenko, Oracle Developer Team Lead, 11 years in CS

antonenko-480x480 What is the CS phenomenon?

«CS is my second job. Perhaps it’s my inherent sedentariness, but when you understand what you’re doing and why, when people listen to you, and your team is like a family to you, you don’t think about changing jobs. In addition to career development, from middle developer to team lead, CS offers professional development through a variety of customers, markets, countries, and technologies — you will never stand still. It’s also very cool to be involved in the creation of niche software products, such as our backup solution ProVision, which has been on the market for several years and has no equal analogs.»




Kateryna Butyrina, HR Lead, 16 years in CS

bytirina-480x480 What is the CS phenomenon?

«No matter what we say, no one else will understand who we are until they decide to become one of us. There is passion, freedom, and intelligence here. Understanding that you are involved in something very important and significant for the country. Yes, we work for the domestic market of Ukraine and we are proud of it. CS are people with impeccable expertise and a constant thirst for knowledge. We are CS».





In addition to work-related issues, the company allows specialists to realize themselves and supports the interests of the team and their leisure time. For many years CS has been a member of the football IT-league, taking part in bike days and marathons, kayaking, etc. Before the war, group fitness and yoga classes were held at the CS head office.

In 2020, the CS guys formed their own music band called 5Pence. Rehearsals take place weekly at the office in Kyiv, and performances are held at company events.

band_cs-414x310 What is the CS phenomenon?

PM Pavlo Fedorenko and Team Lead PL/SQL Developer Pavlo Vasilenko play guitars, analyst Vitaliy Kovtun plays bass, analyst Oleksander Morozov sits down to play drums, and their colleague Oleksandr Koval is the vocalist.

CS proves not in words, but in deeds and happy employees that their main value is a team that has become a real family over the years of fruitful cooperation on joint projects.

we_are_cs What is the CS phenomenon?

If your company also wants to become part of a large progressive community, join Kharkiv IT Cluster. Let’s make Ukrainian IT better together!


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