We use them where cars can’t pass

“We use them where cars can’t pass”, military servicemen talk about the importance of e-bikes on the front line.

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Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Intellias purchased and delivered 15 e-bikes to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), 6 of those vehicles were delivered in 2023. Military servicemen, who wished to remain anonymous due to safety reasons, admit that although cars can carry more weight, e-bikes can help to deceive the enemy.

“They are mobile and quiet, which can be a real advantage at war. As they say, you sneak up quietly and leave without notice”, says the combatant from a rifle battalion.

E-bikes are actively used across different UAF units. Operators of drones and UAVs often rely on e-bikes. “Using e-bikes, we reach our positions fast and without a sound. Then we hide our bikes and do our job. Instead of taking loads of bags with charging stations with us, we connect Starlinks to e-bikes’ power supply. It all works out just great, can’t think of anything better for us to use”.

Another combatant says that drone operators appreciate e-bikes not only because of their discreteness, but also because they leave no thermal imaging trace. “It’s a golden mean for areas where a car can’t pass and where you don’t want to walk too long to your destination. E-bikes have additional power supply and tremendous power reserve”.

Military personnel of grenade launching groups, including NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers and automatic grenade launchers, have plans to modernize e-bikes and equip them with trailers. “We’d be able to transport a grenade launcher, while also maintaining our mobility and speed. Get to the position, get ready, do our job, and leave – fast”.

Aerial reconnaissance also actively uses e-bikes. “We mostly drive them between positions on the front line and points of permanent dislocation. They can be really helpful in cases of emergency, when we need to deliver something immediately. For instance, we can transport damaged equipment, drones, walkie-talkies, Starlinks, etc. Our personnel uses e-bikes for internal rotation or additional reconnaissance of new positions. There were times when we drove e-bikes to search for drones lost in the fields”.

Whatever objectives e-bikes’ users pursue, all combatants underline their discreteness and mobility, which are achieved due to technical characteristics of a vehicle. E-bikes reach a speed of 70 km per hour and can travel up to 180 km on a single charge. They weigh 70 kg and can carry up to 150 kg of cargo. Their 3000W electric engine charges rather quickly and reaches 80% of charge in 3 hours.

“At Intellias, we support innovations that help Ukraine’s defenders on the front lines. Alternative mobility and e-bikes are not obvious but extremely effective means of transportation for combatants. We keep analyzing inquiries from the military and make sure that our help is relevant to the current needs of the army”, says Roman Hapachylo, VP, Talent Management at Intellias.
Intellias intends to continue its support of the UAF. Next year, we plan to deliver more e-bikes to the military.

Overall, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Intellias has delivered UAH 70 million worth of SUVs, drones, walkie-talkies, first-aid kits, military uniform for women and other necessary equipment. Besides, the company offers support programs for colleagues who joined the army. Recently we have launched a program for reintegrating servicemen who came back to the civil life.

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