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VEC-UA: virtual construction, or technology of the future

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Usually, when we hear the word «construction», we immediately imagine a pile of bricks, the clanking of iron structures, the flashes of welding machines, and the clamor of workers. And if now our ideas coincide with reality, then in a few years we will see a completely different, more optimized picture of construction. Already today, with the help of BIM, additional or unforeseen costs during construction are close to zero. Less time is allocated to create a project, and therefore, a person has more and more resources not only for creating comfort but also for development, improvement, and inventing something new.

But where do such results come from?

BIM — information modeling of buildings, or virtual construction. It is these technologies that move us into the future. And although BIM has been successfully used in many countries of the world for years (in some of them its use is even mandatory), Ukraine is only beginning to gain momentum.

The VEC-UA team, as the Ukrainian representative of the American company VEC, belongs to a small layer of Ukrainian businesses that provide BIM and VDC (virtual design and construction) services.

Modeling of electrical networks, laser 3D scanning directly on the object, general BIM coordination are some of the most popular services of the company. Thanks to them, VEC-UA is one of the leading companies in the digital transformation of the construction industry. And so, with experience and expertise, the team will talk a little more about BIM.

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digital way of representing the physical and functional characteristics of a building object or engineering networks. For example, laying electricity, ventilation or fire safety systems, as well as many other things. Even railways and bridges can be built using BIM and thus making them safer and construction faster. Very relevant for our country, isn’t it?

It would seem that this definition is true, but BIM is much more than digital models. This is a good advisor who will always be there. BIM covers a whole set of processes because it accompanies the building from the moment when the excavator digs the first hole for the foundation until the demolisher destroys the last mention of the building.

One of the important components of BIM is computer programs. For example, VEC-UA specialists use Revit to create digital files. After all, unlike paper drawings, 3D models are easy to share with all other stakeholders. And this not only promotes cooperation on the project but also simplifies the construction process.

Why is it important to use BIM?

As BIM plays an important role in improving construction efficiency, project management, and coordination, the future of the construction industry is closely linked to it. But there are several other social and economic reasons.

Reduction of costs and waste

With the help of BIM, contractors can choose the most suitable materials for construction, which greatly facilitates work and minimizes human errors. This improved planning allows them to reduce the number of materials wasted, which also means cost savings.

A clear estimate of costs

Thanks to BIM, stakeholders receive more accurate and realistic information about project costs. And since they all have access to BIM information, the evaluation process is much faster.


BIM ensures full control over compliance with laws related to environmental impact. And the project team has constant access to all necessary information, including data on energy consumption, soil oxidation, etc.

The following statistics will definitely dispel any doubts about the feasibility of using BIM, even if they arise:

🔥 By 2027, the BIM market will reach 13.7 billion euros. A compound annual growth rate will be 15.2% from 2020 (Allied Market Research)
🔥 In projects where BIM is used, productivity increases by 75-240% (Oneisto X)
🔥 73% of construction companies indicate that using BIM improves project collaboration and contributes to project success (Harvard Business Review)

Development of BIM in Ukraine

Recently, interest in BIM in Ukraine has significantly revived. But it is worth noting that its use is mostly characteristic of companies with foreign investments. Therefore, BIM is often used for the construction of large shopping and entertainment centers or multifunctional facilities. However, there is a confidence that the widespread use of BIM in Ukraine is a matter of the coming years.

What factors will affect this?

📌 Reorientation of design to Western markets
📌 Adaptation of European construction standards
📌 The constant growth of the cost of energy carriers
📌 Implementation of energy-efficient reforms and programs by the state

BIM will also be useful during the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine with the help of foreign investments and grants. Since similar initiatives involve clear control over the funds issued, the use of BIM will not only be innovative but also less costly compared to traditional methods.

The world is driven by innovations created by companies like VEC-UA. There are 200+ such companies in the Kharkiv IT Cluster community. They have unique expertise and create technological solutions that are the driving force behind the development of our society. And we as a community unite, support, and tell the world about the heroes of the technological sphere.

Join us and become part of a community that changes the world for the better and leads the country to Victory!

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