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Unique traditions: IT-companies

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Google is a dream work for many people. The corporate culture of the business giant is impressive. You can find there everything you need for comfortable work: sports ground, entertainment rooms, massage services. You can even get lost in the cafeteria with organic food!
It is not surprising that the company has rather unusual traditions and rules that employees follow without arguing.

Interesting company traditions in the Google office

Here are some of them:

  • Dressing in the symbols of the World Cup and decorating the entire office with its attributes. There are a lot of fans of football at Google, so they are incredibly happy on such days.
  • The company regularly holds public speeches from famous people. Thus, employees can develop in different directions. The speakers were Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga, and other celebrities and scientists.
  • Google actively supports charity. They have Google Serve, a traditional day when workers can donate to help people, or they can participate in environmental projects.

Google’s corporate culture

Here are a few more rules that every corporation specialist must adhere to:

  • do not criticize the products of other companies, whether it is Apple, Microsoft, or Linux. At least one of the product developers works in Google. By the way, professionals do not criticize, they advise and help;
  • the company does not restrict the freedom in choosing clothes: if you want to wear shorts and the top, it is up to you. However, there is one single rule: an employee must be dressed … at least in something. Socks are also clothes, aren’t they?

Even if your company only begins its journey in business, it is pretty cool to have unique traditions. They will diversify the work and gather the team together.

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