GlobalLogic’s Ukrainian engineers presented their 5G development

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Ukrainian engineers of GlobalLogic have presented the 5G ClusterCraft Accelerator, an architecture for adapting 5G networks to business needs. The development was presented at MWC Barcelona 2024, one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the telecommunications industry.

Modern enterprises and businesses increasingly need to deploy their own private network. This helps to increase security, transfer data faster, and flexibly manage access and network load. It also helps optimize business costs. Thanks to the cloud-based Network as a Service (NaaS) model, businesses can rent network services from a cloud provider and align their costs with the actual use of network resources.

A team of 16 Ukrainian engineers at GlobalLogic created the 5G ClusterCraft Accelerator, an architectural code base that will significantly contribute to the development of NaaS and private 5G networks. The 5G ClusterCraft Accelerator was also presented to GlobalLogic customers and attracted the attention of international companies at MWC Barcelona 2024.

5G ClusterCraft Accelerator enables to:

  • Customize communication provider platforms and create new business models for service delivery — such as online rental of network software that supports multiple cloud solutions simultaneously. For example, select an Azure datacenter in Berlin and deploy a service or AWS datacenter in London;
  • Rapidly deploy end-to-end private networks with instant monitoring of changes to improve security using modern GitOps approaches;
  • Test network load to ensure high reliability of communications;
  • Provide flexibility in selecting cloud services to optimize internal infrastructure;
  • Leverage software from any third-party vendor to build a telecommunications network.

“Our goal is to provide enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool for network customization. For example, modern smart factories or warehouses contain a large number of different connected devices: robots, machine vision cameras, remotely operated equipment, sensors, detectors, etc. The increased risks associated with the industrial environment require thorough testing of communication services prior to actual deployment,” said Vitaly Nogin, Director of Engineering, GlobalLogic.

The market for private 5G networks is forecast to reach $6.4 billion by 2026. At the same time, the NaaS market is also growing rapidly, reaching $14.6 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 26.7%. Its financial share is expected to grow to $115.5 billion by 2032. This means that technology solutions like the 5G ClusterCraft Accelerator will help businesses accelerate their growth and digital transformation.

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic, part of the Hitachi Group, is a global IT company headquartered in Silicon Valley. It is present in 23 countries and unites 30,000 engineers.
In Ukraine, GlobalLogic is one of the three largest IT companies. More than 6500 Ukrainian engineers of the company create digital products in key industries such as medicine, automotive, telecom, construction, media, finance, semiconductors, etc.

GlobalLogic has been recognized as one of the most sustainable companies, the largest exporter of Ukraine, and one of the largest private companies in Ukraine according to Forbes.
The company is also one of the best employers according to Ernst & Young.

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