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Today, Ukrainian startups, projects, and developments need support like never before. Kharkiv IT Cluster members have repeatedly proved that only by joining forces can we achieve great results, emerge victorious, and overcome common challenges.

Oleksandr Kolb, founder, and member of the Supervisory Board of Kharkiv IT Cluster, CEO of Promodo, together with his partners Taras Kirichenko (financier, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nova Poshta) and Igor Shoyfot (TMT Investments) launched a syndicate of private investors called

«The syndicate’s goal is to support the IT ecosystem of startups in Ukraine and enable our partners to invest in the best IT projects together with us, using our joint experience,» says Mr. Oleksandr.

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Fundamental principles of the syndicate:

📌 Transparency at all stages of cooperation. Free access to data and no promises of «golden mountains».
📌 Trust. Founders value business reputation, so all investors and startups form a single value environment.
📌 Investor focus. Open communication, feedback on all issues, and low transaction costs.
📌 Ukraine in the heart. All syndicate members have a clear, pro-Ukrainian position. The founders are especially pleased to see Ukrainian investors who want to become stronger, grow and increase their wealth. The syndicate will also give priority to Ukrainian startups that meet the basic selection criteria.

«We support Ukrainian startups even if they are registered in other jurisdictions – we give them priority.»

The syndicate’s investment strategy is to invest in existing and fast-growing businesses, not ideas. Therefore, when selecting startups, the team will look at the startup’s revenue and growth rate, markets, industry, and potential for scaling.

Get involved in «Toloka»

Any investor who has money and is interested in growing it can join the syndicate. The syndicate offers a low entry threshold of $5,000 per startup. If you are ready to invest part of your capital in fast-growing global startups and want to create your own portfolio of 5-10-50 investments, then you are at the right place!

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The syndicate plans to offer investors one or two deals for investment every month in the first year of operation.

Take the next step — fill out the form of interest and Toloka’s operational team will contact you.

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