«Always together!»: the story of VEC-UA’s invincibility

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The purpose of the IT Unbreakable Hub blog is to show the world that Ukrainian IT continues to work at full capacity and is an active participant in the international market.
The story of VEC-UA is a vivid example of a Ukrainian company that continues to bring Ukraine’s victory closer and move forward!

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, the company’s office has literally become a home for the team, even two cats and an otter felt comfortable. VEC-UA’s space has everything we need for a comfortable life: food, warm clothes, hygiene products, and you can even sleep in the Lviv office — it has pillows, blankets, and a shower.

cats_vec_ua-360x480 «Always together!»: the story of VEC-UA's invincibility

When the whole of Ukraine was plunged into darkness, the company immediately realized that it had to take the situation into its own hands. Therefore, all VEC-UA offices in Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv were immediately equipped with generators and Starlink. The team purchased everything they needed on their own to keep working and stay in touch with each other and their clients.

office_kharkiv-640x427 «Always together!»: the story of VEC-UA's invincibility

The company can boast of a unique achievement: during a difficult period of blackouts, they did not lose a single client and continued to fulfill their obligations.

The VEC-UA team has proven that it is truly unbreakable and ready to successfully face any challenges that the future holds for them!

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