Unlocking Growth for IT-company through the Powerful Community. The story of success by SDA

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In the face of economic uncertainties and geopolitical challenges, the Ukrainian IT sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability.

Leading the charge is SDA, a software development firm renowned for its innovation in the SaaS and Marketplace domains. Under the guidance of CEO Alexander Shubin, the company embarked on strategic initiatives in early 2023 to navigate turbulent waters successfully.

People: The Backbone of Business Expansion

The adoption of a new ERP system proved pivotal in streamlining management reporting and optimizing workflow structures. By consolidating multiple organizational tools into a single platform, SDA significantly lightened operational burdens, enabling more accurate forecasting and proactive crisis management. The result? A doubling of revenue by the end of 2023. Despite facing challenges amidst a full-scale invasion, SDA experienced exponential growth, nearly tripling in size within just two years. With innovative practices like Quarterly Business Review presentations, team engagement and productivity soared, allowing for six months’ worth of tasks to be accomplished in just four.

Global Trust and Expertise

In 2023, SDA rolled out approximately 15 new products, attracting a high rate of repeat business from satisfied clients. Positioning itself as a global player with strategic focuses on the US, Canada, and Western Europe, the company is now eyeing expansion into Asian markets. Bolstered by a robust network of approximately 100 IT partners spanning various sectors, SDA has earned the trust of clients even in times of conflict.

Our partnerships, nurtured through platforms like the Kharkiv IT Cluster, are instrumental in fostering collaboration. With 68% of new clients coming from referrals, this ecosystem is paramount,” explains Alexander Shubin.

Looking Ahead

SDA remains committed to nurturing international relations, actively participating in industry events, and staying abreast of emerging IT trends. As the company anticipates continued growth, it observes a trend towards fixed-price models and increasing demand for No-Code Solutions. Additionally, the integration of AI-driven solutions has shifted from mere marketing strategy to a fundamental aspect of business scalability. Through its achievements, SDA exemplifies how adversity can pave the way for opportunities. Leveraging partnerships and a robust community network, the company continues to scale its operations, extend its global reach, and bolster Ukraine’s presence on the global stage.

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