The Meeting of Kharkiv IT Specialists with the Main Directorate of State Fiscal Service of Kharkiv Region: “The State has no Concerns about IT-Industry”

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The meeting of representatives of the Main Directorate of State Fiscal Service of Kharkiv Region, representatives of the State Labor Inspectorate in Kharkiv Region, and representatives of Kharkiv IT-Industry took place on July 7. Kharkiv IT Cluster acted as an event mediator.

The meeting was devoted to the issues of salary legalization in IT sector and forcing IT spesialists’ income out of shadow.

Tax inspectors noted that currently, despite the difficult economic situation in the country, IT-business was quite profitable. According to statistics of Kharkiv Fiscal Service, there are over 850 companies employing over 4,500 professionals in the City. About 11 thousand local IT specialists are registered as sole proprietors. Revenues from IT-single taxpayers make 9% of the total amount, while gross revenue in the past year amounted to 2 billion UAH.

However, despite the fact that these figures are quite imposing, according to tax inspectors, they do not reflect the real situation.

Nataliia Svetosh, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of State Fiscal Service of Kharkiv Region, said:

“The number of employees amounts to 4351 people, 740 of them receive salaries exceeding 10 thousand UAH, and others receive salaries lower the mentioned amount. Accordingly, about 300 people working at these companies receive salary below the minimum one that is equal to 1450 UAH. We understand that this is incredible. We have data bases, according to the analysis of which we can reveal such companies and inspect the unscrupulous taxpayers”.

One of the main objectives of cooperation is complete legalization of salaries of employees engaged into IT sector and provision of maximum compliance with fiscal discipline.

The participants of the meeting had a quite constructive and open dialogue, as a result of which the Main Directorate of State Fiscal Service is ready to provide information about companies, causing an obvious question on their transparency in the payment of taxes through Kharkiv IT Cluster. A great achievement of the meeting will be the signing of Cooperation Memorandum between Kharkiv IT-specialists and the Main Directorate of State Fiscal Service of Kharkiv Region.

Oleksandr Medovyi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kharkiv IT Cluster, summed up the results of the meeting:

“The point was that there are some overreaches at the local level and, probably, there are opportunities for some minor manipulations as in all other sectors. However systemically, as far as we can see, and that’s the idea of the State – the State has no concerns about IT-Industry. We are honest taxpayers, we are open, we are transparent and they have very good and adequate attitude towards us. Therefore, we assume it not as a problem solution, but as pre-articulated ways to improve an already good situation”.