Telesens volunteers — Heroes in the rear who bring our Victory close

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From the very first days of the war, Telesens and its employees started helping the Ukrainian army and civilians. Every month, employees raise money to buy necessary items for the army. Quite a few of our employees have been drafted into the army or volunteered to go there, and of course we buy what they need.

During the war, Eduard Rubin, the owner of Telesens, with the help of the company itself and our friends and partners, brought to Kharkiv about 100 tons of humanitarian aid from Europe, three sea containers from the UAE, 6 off-road jeeps for the army, about 100 laptops for the army and schoolchildren, and 30 mobile phones, which were also handed over to the army.

On New Year’s Eve and St. Nicholas Day, together with our partner foundations and under Eduard’s leadership, we brought 1,200 gifts from Germany and distributed them to children as part of the Helpings Angels project. Continuing this program, we brought 11 generators to Ukraine for hospitals. Recently, with the same partners, we launched a new project called Helping Schoolchildren, in which we collect and bring laptops to schoolchildren from different countries.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is proud that our IT community is rich in such people, so we keep telling their stories!

Today, we offer you to learn more about the volunteers who are specialists at Telesens.

Yulia Pashchuk and «TurbotaE»

Position: Head of Technical Recruiting Department

yulia_pashchuk-2-414x276 Telesens volunteers — Heroes in the rear who bring our Victory close

Yulia started volunteering long before the full-scale invasion. Back in 2014, she lived near the Romashka children’s camp in Kharkiv, where children from Donbas were brought. Yulia and her like-minded friends brought performances to the children, gave them gifts and supported them in every way possible, for example, preparing them for school and buying them uniforms, backpacks and stationery. In the same camp, there were also mobile houses for IDPs (mostly retired people and people with disabilities), who were also helped by buying washing machines and other household items.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion on 24.02, Yulia has been even more involved in charity work, cooking for the military in the terrorist defense, the Armed Forces and for the residents of Kharkiv. Over time, Yulia and her friends founded the charity foundation TurbotaE.

The foundation works in three areas:

💪 the military of Ukraine
💪 specialized medical children’s institutions
💪 individual requests from IDP mothers and the population of the de-occupied territories

The team of volunteers sends clothes, military ammunition and medicines, camouflage nets and trench candles to the front line, which they produce themselves. Medicines and food are delivered to the de-occupied territories and hospitals.

Svitlana Filatova

Position: Personal Assistant

svitlana_filatova-1-270x480 Telesens volunteers — Heroes in the rear who bring our Victory close

On the 4th day of the full-scale invasion, Svitlana joined the Kharkovu Mir Foundation. Initially, the foundation’s team prepared food for Kharkiv residents and distributed it in the subway, delivering it to elderly people’s homes, children’s hospitals, and animal shelters. Over time, the foundation’s activities increased, and representatives of the foundation teamed up with other foundations and organizations for joint projects.

In addition to the foundation’s volunteer activities, Svitlana participates in such projects and is a link between Telesens and the Kharkiv Peace Foundation. For example, in the Helping Angels project, Svitlana and other volunteers from the foundation delivered New Year’s gifts to children in the Kharkiv region. And in the Helping Schoolchildren project, she delivered laptops to schoolchildren so that they could continue their studies at school.

Throughout her time at the Foundation, Svetlana’s tasks have changed. She has been searching for food, packing humanitarian packages, and delivering food to people in bomb shelters and the military. Now Svitlana leads a group of people who weave camouflage nets for the military.

Natalia Pliga

Position: Head of HR

natalia_pliga-2-384x480 Telesens volunteers — Heroes in the rear who bring our Victory close

Natalia is responsible for internal volunteer activities at Telesens, including support for our military colleagues, corporate meetings and procurement, etc.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, she has been in touch with our colleagues who are in the army. When they or their units need help, financial or otherwise, Natalia announces a corporate collection and manages all the logistics.

For example, there have been purchases of parts for cars or tools for digging trenches, drones, and even pickups. If necessary, Natalia cooperates with the TurbotaE and Kharkovu Mir foundations and engages some of her colleagues and other volunteers to help.

In addition, Natalia supports the emotional state of each employee, communicates with each of them together with her colleague, supplies Kharkiv employees with goodies in the office, and helps with anything they need regarding remote work or relocation.

Now, volunteers come to the city where Natalia is based once a month. She bakes bread for the military from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and sends it through these volunteers.

Oleksiy Salkov

Position: Strong Middle Full stack Developer

oleksiy_salkov-2-394x480 Telesens volunteers — Heroes in the rear who bring our Victory close

At the beginning of the invasion, Oleksiy and his family – his wife and children – were in the village of Malynivka, Kharkiv region, where they spent the first month and a half of the invasion. There were already occupied territories across the village, so there was shelling all the time, and it was very dangerous to stay in this village and to leave. It happened that Oleksii saw rockets and explosions, and one of them fell on a neighboring house.

Luckily, there were volunteers who agreed to take the family to Kharkiv, and from there they went to Rivne. This story prompted Oleksiy to start helping, and he joined the volunteers who collect medical kits. In addition, he helps to find and purchase cars and other things abroad.

Oleksiy also helps our colleagues who have joined the army. Together with Natalia, whom we mentioned above, he buys and collects everything our military needs – medicines, turnstiles, vests, tactical first aid kits, etc. Some of the most interesting stories were about purchasing 70 shovels, ordering a bulletproof vest from a police officer who sews them himself, or ordering a starliner from Italy.

Remember: there are no small donors. Each of us can be useful, and together we are bringing our common Victory closer!

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