Success stories: Virginia Rometty

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You don’t think that only men become successful in IT, do you?
Kharkiv IT Cluster tells you about Virginia Rometty, the first woman to be the head of IBM. In 2017, she was the tenth woman among Forbes’ 100 Most Influential Women in the World.

Virginia has been working in IBM for many years. Under her leadership, the company bought the Pricewaterhouse Coopers division, and this case became one of the most significant deals in the history of the company, and it also led to the company’s continuous growth.

After a successful deal, Virginia became the vice president of the company. Her predecessor noted that Virginia’s gender did not matter at all, and she deserved her post. Under her guidance, a team of specialists developed a computer of the new generation, Watson, with a unique intelligent system.
In 2011, Virginia became CEO of IBM. Of course, not everyone supported the new director, but Virginia proved that she got her place for a reason: the company’s net income for the year grew by 5%. Now the company maintains its market leader position.

At the moments of setbacks and falls, Virginia assured that «growth and comfort do not coexist. Accept challenges, take risks, because it will make you better anyway».

Therefore, despite all the stereotypes and obstacles, Virginia succeeded stubbornly. Don’t you think that she has achieved even more?

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