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The IT Invincibility Hubs blog is a collection of stories of courage and resilience in Ukrainian IT. Each company has its own path, but they all have something in common: IT professionals did not give up in difficult times and united with each other to face external challenges and a common enemy.

Since 2013, ErgoServ, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster, has been demonstrating its high level of qualification and professionalism in software development. However, since 2022, they have revealed themselves as a powerful team that cannot be stopped or frightened by darkness.

Today, the Cherkasy office is fully provided with electricity and communication thanks to the installed generator and the connected EcoFlow DELTA and Starlink charging stations.

starlink-1-414x311 United by a goal — The story of invincibility ErgoServ

In addition, the company purchased additional autonomous lighting for all offices and replenished the stock of flashlights, batteries, and warm blankets, so the team’s workspace is warm and cozy at any time of the year.

The team turned an ordinary office into an Invincibility Hub on their own: Dmytro Babenko, CEO of ErgoServ, and Viktoriia Cheberiaka, Director of the HR Department, organized the search and provision of the necessary equipment, and Roman, the company’s office manager, helped with the installation.

The team is undergoing a remount

ErgoServ cooperates with coworking spaces in other cities of Ukraine, so all specialists working remotely have access to workspaces equipped with their own power generators and Starlink. By joining forces with partners, ErgoServ has created an autonomous mini-office with all the necessary equipment in Poltava.

Each person in the company is reimbursed for the cost of renting a coworking space and setting up their own workplace, including the purchase of power banks, batteries, etc.


The involvement of each team member and the concern of the partners helped ErgoServ to operate smoothly during blackouts or scheduled power outages, meeting all deadlines and maintaining the proper level of productivity. In addition, the company managed to help secure jobs for colleagues from other Cherkasy companies.

office-414x233 United by a goal — The story of invincibility ErgoServ

Today, fortunately, the equipment in the office is hardly ever used, but now the team always has a backup for internet and electricity, and most importantly, the confidence that they are ready to face the darkness in all its manifestations.

Join the progressive community of Kharkiv IT Cluster! Remember, if you are surrounded by hundreds of successful and sustainable IT companies, yours will definitely be the next!

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