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SoftServe Wins Brandon Hall Group Award for the Delivery Directors Leadership Program. How Is It Working?

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SoftServe University, a corporate learning ecosystem of SoftServe, has won Brandon Hall Group Award second time in two years, this time for a unique in-house leadership program for Delivery Directors (DDLP). Other prominent winners of the Best Advance in Senior Manager Development nomination include E&Y, Deloitte, Accenture, etc.

What is the program about?

The delivery Director is one of the critical roles in the company and is ultimately responsible for excellent client experience across all engagements. The role assumes ensuring that all the services are perfectly delivered, teams are growing professionally, and the company’s strategy is followed.

Delivery Directors Leadership Program is designed to introduce managers to the position specifics and help them master the new role through learning practical cases and the company’s best practices. Top managers-to-be or recently appointed Delivery Directors can join the program by writing a motivational letter.

“Leadership development in different directions has always been among the company’s priorities. Delivery Leaders have been in particular focus because they are primarily responsible for successfully implementing projects and providing excellent client experience while working on and spreading the best company practices. We have great expectations for Delivery Directors Leadership Program as an instrument for helping future Delivery Directors and newcomers for this position gain the necessary knowledge and skills and contributing to achieving the company’s growth and development goals,” says VP of Learning and Development Galyna Datsiv.

SoftServe University created the program along with Competence Managers and experienced Delivery Directors by the company’s leadership initiative. As of September 2022, two groups of 37 participants accomplished the course.

What’s unique about the program?

The program has six modules and lasts half a year. Topics include people development, financial management, entering new markets, client communications, and others.

The primary value of the program is its applied nature. All sessions are led by acting Delivery Directors and SoftServe’s leadership, who share best company practices, their exclusive experience, and real work cases. Participants meet once a couple of weeks and study theory and its practical use for three days. At the end of each module, they receive a task – to solve a real challenge proposed by a business unit.

51% of all current SoftServe Delivery Directors are graduates of this program.

SoftServe University offers a number of learning solutions for leaders of various directions: QC leads, PMs, Delivery Directors, Vice Presidents, Sales Managers, Financial Leaders, HR Leaders, and many more. Numerous programs support leaders’ onboarding and help them master the new role and improve performance.

Top managers and leaders also often join mentoring and coaching programs. In 2021, SoftServe University won Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards for the ecosystem of individually-oriented learning formats, particularly mentoring and coaching, which help associates improve personal performance, gain new competencies and develop leadership skills.

About SoftServe University

SoftServe University is a corporate learning ecosystem that equips associates with in-demand managerial and leadership competencies, plus IT skills, founded in 2006. In 2021, the University implemented more than 5 000 educational solutions for more than 16,600+ unique participants. Since 2020, the number of experts contributing to learning programs has grown by 106% and amounts to more than 1900 people.

SoftServe University offers programs to develop tech competencies, prepare for international certifications, build leadership and business education, and language and cross-culture communication courses for employees.

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