SoftServe’s statement on the company’s cyberattack

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As we stated before, on September 1 SoftServe experienced a cybersecurity incident. This was sophisticated, targeted, and well-orchestrated attack against the company.

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As a result of the attack, the company’s mail server was damaged, a number of corporate services were disabled, and the internal file server was compromised. The attackers managed to download small fragments of various information, which they publish in public in order to put pressure on the company and demand ransom. Fragments of data that have been published so far are the result of a single attack, not a new data leak. We expect that new data can be published and ready for this. Such actions, followed with various provocations and spread of fakes are targeted to escalate the situation and put pressure on the company. As mentioned earlier, SoftServe was able to localize the attack within hours, all the corporate services were restored quickly and operate normally.

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During previous years, SoftServe migrated most of its corporate systems to a strongly protected cloud platforms of top world-class providers. None of these systems were affected. We have engaged a third-party, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, to conduct a comprehensive independent investigation into the incident, which we expect to be completed soon. We will be ready to provide our public assessment of the situation or disclose the details of the incident only after the investigation is completed.

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As always, we are supporting our clients and employees to ensure their security. We recognize the impact this has on our current and past employees and are actively communicating with them in real-time. We are providing everyone affected by this breach with legal, technical and financial support, including ongoing identity theft protection and replacement of compromised documents.

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«We’re committed to play fair despite all the circumstances. In addition to the cyber-attack, the company is currently undergoing an information attack. So, I encourage everyone to be more critical of the various kinds of information intrusions, provocations and accusations against SoftServe or our employees, that may appear at various channels. Again, our company is operating normally. I would like to thank our clients and partners for their support. Above all, I’d like to thank Softservians for coming together as we go through these challenging times. This incident is not only a lesson for SoftServe but a defining moment which reveals our culture – to face challenges and overcome them stronger and confident, – Yaroslav Lyubinets, co-founder and Chairman at SoftServe».