SoftServe presented its Sustainability report, conducted according to GRI standard

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SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, has published its second report on sustainable development naming it «Strengthening the communities». Compiled in line with the GRI international standards for non-profit reporting, it covers the results of 2017-18 highlighting the key directions and achievements in the social dimension of company’s activities.

«The responsibility is at core of SoftServe. For many years, we’ve been mobilizing our intellectual, financial and human resources within the company and using business approaches for social purposes”, says Taras Vervega, co-founder and BoD Member at SoftServe. “SoftServe’s rapid growth deepened our global responsibility as well: now, we are open to increased pool of opportunities to introduce the solutions for IT education and foster higher labor and education standards to build up the foundation for the further development of the company and local communities. And that is driving us every day.”

For the two consequent years, SoftServe’s CSR strategy has been focusing primarily on three directions: talent development, strengthening the communities and improving IT education. As the top employer in Ukraine, SoftServe has paid much attention to the employees’ satisfaction level and worked hard to ensure everyone is having equal opportunities for the growth and development within the company. It succeeded at bringing gender diversity, as in male dominated IT industry it managed to increase female representation from 28% to 32%, and witnessed the rise of females at top positions by 10%. An effective and sustainable education system developed and integrated across all company’s offices resulted in having 7000 associates participated in more than 900 trainings run by SoftServe.

The company has definitely reached the new heights in developing and advancing IT education by both, stand-alone  internal initiatives and the ones implemented in cooperation with the industry organizations and IT clusters. The SoftServe IT Academy, one of Ukraine’s largest educational platforms to prepare graduates for the successful career start in IT industry, seems to scale fantastically: in 2018, it grew the pool of graduates up to 1000 and doubled the number of those hired by the company after the program completion. In the meanwhile, SoftServe contributed to the launch of 6 IT Bachelor’s programs at the universities and opening of 3 ultramodern IoT and Robotics laboratories.

Atop to that, SoftServe enjoys having a deeply-rooted culture of corporate volunteering and charity. In 2017-2018, its Charity «Open Eyes» finished a dozen of critically important social projects both in Ukraine and abroad with the total costs of $232.000. A detailed account of all these projects is reflected in the report as well.

To check the report and get more details on SoftServe’s CSR activities, follow the link.


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