SoftServe will become a carbon-neutral business. The company announced environmental goals for the next ten years

SoftServe will become a carbon-neutral business. The company announced environmental goals for the next ten years

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SoftServe, one of the largest Ukrainian IT companies, has adopted an environmental policy for the next ten years. According to this plan, the company undertakes to achieve the following goals by 2032:

  • becoming a carbon-neutral business
  • reaching net zero waste
  • designing eco-resistant offices
  • developing IT solutions that help fight environmental challenges.

To meet these goals, the company plans to reduce energy consumption and switch to renewable energy sources where possible. Further, develop the format of remote work, adhere to the UN Principles of Sustainable Development in developing products and services and reduce the use of materials that are not recyclable.

“Caring for the environment has always been among the priorities for SoftServe, and in 2021 we moved to a new level in this matter and introduced a new approach to eco-management. Last year, the company created a special environmental council and launched a detailed accounting of all waste to assess its environmental footprint. In turn, it will help us achieve the environmental goals in the future,” comments Yulia Kuvitanova, SoftServe’s Environmental Sustainability Manager.

Thus, in 2021, SoftServe has already managed to reduce direct emissions by 55.4% compared to the previous year, as stated in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021.

SoftServe donates computer and office equipment to charity to minimize waste and sells it on the internal marketplace. What cannot be overused, the company submits for recycling. In 2021, a total of about 50 kg of such waste was disposed of, including monitors, elements of system units, fluorescent lamps, and more. This year, the company also disposed of 373.5 kg of batteries. Since 2018, most SoftServe offices have been sorting and handing over plastic, glass, metal, and paper for recycling.

The company also pays a lot of attention to developing a culture of eco-awareness among employees and organizing internal programs and initiatives — from planting trees and cognitive low-waste events to developing technological solutions for environmental organizations. In 2021, the company’s employees planted more than 6 thousand trees, and IT specialists volunteered to create an application for waste sorting for the NGO “Ukraine without garbage.”

SoftServe understands that the war in Ukraine can adjust the company’s plans, particularly the possible destruction of power plants and processing plants and interruptions in the removal and disposal of waste. On the other hand, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Waste Management” and other necessary environmentally oriented legal acts are expected to be adopted as a result of granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership. In addition, the accession to Europe’s single energy system is an essential milestone for reforming the energy sector. Therefore, the company hopes that despite the war, more and more attention will be paid to the issue of sustainable development, and SoftServe is ready to actively participate in changes both at the level of its business and the state.

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