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On April 18,  the results of an international survey of employers Randstad Employer Brand Research conducted by Randstad were presented in Kyiv.  This study identifies the main trends in the labor market, and also awards the most attractive employers of the country winning the Randstad Award winners was conducted in Ukraine for the first time. About 10 000 respondents participated in the national survey.

As a result of the research, SoftServe, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster, received two awards: “The most attractive employer in the information technology sector” and “The most attractive employer of Ukraine among national companies”.

It is extremely pleasing to us that the unique corporate culture of our company and the strong focus that SoftServe makes on the development and well-being of our employees has received such high recognition among respondents.says Anna Sologub, director of HR Marketing at SoftServe.We are very lucky with the workers. And bright and talented people are known to attract other bright and talented people. And together we build a successful and socially responsible company, in which each of us wants to work. “

The results of this year Randstad Employer Brand Research have confirmed the global trend that compliance with financial expectations is not the main factor that the candidate mentions when choosing an employer. The company’s global mission, opportunities for professional development and inspiration to achieve long-term goals turned out to be more important than salary levels. Thus, only an employer with a positive and reliable reputation can attract best talents in the market. In addition, employees are not ready to devote all their time to work, it is important for them to maintain a balance between work and personal life, therefore, companies with flexible work schedules and convenient office location are more attractive to them.

Local Ukrainian tendencies are somewhat different from international. The main factors when choosing an employer in Ukraine are:

  • Attractive wage and social package – 79%;
  • Career growth – 50%
  • Financial solvency – 48%;
  • Pleasant working atmosphere – 46%;
  • Interesting work – 45%.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is an international research conducted by Randstad to identify corporate, industry and geographical peculiarities of employers for over 18 years in 32 countries including USA, China, Australia, Germany, OAU, and others.  200 thousand respondents and 6162 companies take part in the survey annually. In each country, at least 7000 respondents are added to the survey, which completes the online questionnaire consisting of 3 question blocks – a respondent’s portrait, trends in the labor market in terms of preferences for applicants and surveys on the most attractive employers.

SoftServe is a leading Ukrainian IT company working in the field of software development and consulting services.

SoftServe is one of the largest software development companies in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the three largest IT companies in Ukraine. About 7,000 employees work in European and American offices of companies located in 12 countries. The company’s head offices are located in Lviv and Austin, Texas, USA. The development centers of the company are located in Lviv, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Wroclaw, Bialystok, Gliwice, Warsaw (Poland).