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War is a disaster that takes its toll on humanity and changes the course of history. At the beginning of 2022, every company was making work plans for the year and preparing to conquer new business heights. But on 24.02.2022, the flywheel of history was launched in a completely different direction…

The IT Invincibility Hubs blog continues with the story of SevenPro, a Kharkiv IT Cluster member that continues to work, grow steadily, and help the country fight the enemy no matter what.

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, the company has not given up renting its headquarters in Kharkiv. The workspace was used by colleagues from Northern Saltovka as a temporary shelter where they lived with their families and pets. At the same time, the underground parking lot was converted into a bomb shelter, which provided them with protection and security.

The office was used for its intended purpose all the time, as some of the team members never left Kharkiv. And in the summer, employees began to return to the city with a sincere desire to finally meet and communicate with their colleagues in person.

teammates_sevenpro-640x424 SevenPro Hubs — place of team strength

As the fall approached, the management realized that the rocket attacks would not stop for a long time, and the lack of electricity and internet could significantly affect the business. Therefore, it was decided to prepare the workspace for possible blackouts.

Already in September, the Kharkiv office was fully equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and uninterrupted work: Starlink and a generator were installed. In addition, the SevenPro team was actively negotiating and concluding agreements with its partners in the chain of offices in other cities of Ukraine. This is how workspaces appeared in Lviv and Dnipro.

office_sevenpro-640x480 SevenPro Hubs — place of team strength

Many colleagues were also based in Kyiv. In this regard, in November 2022, the company opened a new office in the capital, which was also equipped with a generator and Starlink.

For employees who did not live in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, or Dnipro, the management offered relocation to the cities where the Unbreakable Hubs were set up, so today everyone can work with colleagues in the office.

The company’s specialists note that it is good to be able to come to their home office during long blackouts to charge their gadgets, fill hot water thermoses, and just meet with their colleagues.

SevenPro operates steadily, pays taxes, donates to the Armed Forces, helps everyone who needs it, and most importantly, believes in our victory!

Join SevenPro and other members of the progressive Kharkiv IT Cluster community and become a part of big changes within your company and the entire Ukrainian IT industry.

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