Rooted in the UK, with a heart in Ukraine

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Veramed entered the pharmaceutical industry in 2012, and the company soon became a player that brings together people, innovation, and technology to accelerate the delivery of factual data and improve patient health worldwide. In 2020, the Ukrainian office emerged, and, despite the challenges of recent years, made a significant leap forward, becoming an invaluable strategic partner for international clients.

The Veramed Ukraine team developed internal training and programs, and thanks to strong in-house expertise, the Ukrainian office strengthened its autonomy and overall market position.

Overcoming and Multiplying

In challenging conditions when many companies were seeking to survive, the Ukrainian Veramed team managed to retain its client base and even strengthen partners’ trust.

The clients stayed. No one left. And the most important thing is that everyone strongly supports the Ukrainian office. Everyone who came to Ukraine for Ukraine continued working,” emphasizes Daniil Shliakhov, the company’s director.

Since February 2022, Veramed’s steadfast partners have only strengthened their collaboration with the Ukrainian team, consciously supporting Ukraine from the very beginning. This inspired confidence, added certainty, and allowed for work at a high professional level.

Not only did the office retain a steady staff, the team grew:

At the time of the full-scale invasion, we had 20 employees, during 2022, 2023, and this year, we managed to increase the staff to nearly 50,” shares Daniil Shliakhov.

Despite external circumstances, in 2024, the company plans to create even more training programs and expand the number of participants.

Today, Veramed continues to expand in the markets of the USA, Europe, Canada, and India, but the Ukrainian office remains strategically important for the company.

Developing and Achieving

Despite the uncertainty and challenging times for Ukrainian IT businesses, Veramed Ukraine is confident that Ukrainian fundamental education and the development of young talent are Ukraine’s superpowers and the key to its recovery and development.

“I see that the quality of knowledge of the people who come to us for training programs improves every year. The market will develop. All the necessary aspects are in place, including interest from international partners and faith in Ukraine as a hub of skilled professionals and a source of world-class expertise,” notes Daniil Shliakhov.

Veramed Ukraine, rooted in England, understands the multifaceted potential of Ukrainian youth and their pivotal role in shaping a bright future. By further developing young Ukrainian talent, who possess a great blend of ambition, and determination, this will safeguard the future, and create more opportunities for many years to come.

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