Роман Катеринчик

Roman Katerynchyk: Telegram channel

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Roman Katerynchyk, CEO & Founder at Artjoker as well as Board Member at Kharkiv IT Cluster, has a personal Telegram channel.

Roman created his channel to share best practices and fails from the CEO’s life:

  • Talk about the everyday life of a CEO
  • Share thoughts as an investor
  • Talk about teamwork, motivation, and investments
  • Talk about experience, mistakes, and lessons learned
  • And, of course, share victories

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own Telegram channel?

Today, a Telegram channel is one of the most effective ways to broadcast your thoughts and useful information to the audience. Telegram does not have those crazy Facebook algorithms, so all subscribers will see each post (Facebook does not guarantee that).

What about the target audience?

Our target audience is entrepreneurs, both beginners and experienced ones, top managers, executives. The audience is not only from IT.

How do you choose topics?

We have a well-developed content plan based on Roman’s expertise and the interests of our target audience.

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