Visa Support


Kharkiv IT Cluster project titled “Visa Support” created to help IT-specialists in the Schengen and US visas via VISA SERVICE.

IT pros often travel, both work and leisure.

Kharkiv IT Cluster agreed to provide special conditions for IT-Professionals participating companies of the cluster:

Free phone support for IT-specialists, so they can find the answers to all the questions on the registration documents.

Special rates for employees of companies participating in the cluster, which is 50% below the market for services relating to the preparation of documents for tourist, business and the Schengen B1 / B2 visas to the US.

Providing exclusive discounts for corporate and individual tours for the rest of IT-specialists.


Option A: Registration of Schengen visas in the presence of hotel reservation, tourist programs.

Option B: Making Schengen visa “turnkey” with the selection and booking of hotels, air tickets, tourist development program.


Option A: Making Schengen visa, when invited by partners, invitations / tickets to the exhibition, a conference.

Option B: Making Schengen visa “turnkey” with the provision of business invitations for 1-5 years.

Visa to the United States (category B1 / B2: business, guest, tourist)

Option A: Visa in the presence of armor hotel / tourism program, an invitation.

Option B: Visa “turnkey” the provision of hotel booking / tourism program, an invitation.