Tech Women communITy – a project for women in IT


Join the Tech Women Community!

This is your safe space where women can freely discuss their challenges and support each other.

✅ Only specialized events.

🚀 70+ participants.

CommunITy’s mission: To support women in their professional growth and overcoming challenges that may arise in the IT industry.

Top topics raised in the community:

Our community
📎 women in the IT industry
📎 C-level professionals
📎 heads of departments

What does the participant get?
✅ A safe space to discuss topics of interest to women at the C-level and in departmental management.
✅ Effective networking with female experts and advice from experienced professionals in the tech industry.
✅ Networking with talented female colleagues and partnership opportunities.
✅ Support and community to overcome technological challenges

Why Tech women community?
🌷 A place where women can share their experiences
🌷 A place where women support each other
🌷 Tech Women Community is a place where women can grow and thrive in the tech industry together.

Feedback from event participants

Very inspiring speakers!!!” – Department of Science and Education, Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

I’m not an exec and had little experience in starting positions in IT, but I have an interest in project management and analytics. It was very interesting material and I’m always interested in hearing real business experience,” a representative of ZONE3000 and Atos.

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