Legal Support


The Concept of the Project:

Kharkiv IT Cluster has a group, that is ready to support and to come into place if any IT company faced difficulties in Kharkov.

The support includes:

1. Lawyers:

  • Dmitry Lazebny (law firm ILF);
  • Roman and Dmitry Likhachev Gadomskii (“Yuskutum”);
  • Dmitriy Ovcharenko (STB Systems);
  • Ilya Hooks;
  • Ivanna Pogrebnyak.

2. Lawmakers:

  • Yaroslav Markevich;
  • Roman Semenuha.

Questions that you can ask:

  • Intellectual property rights;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Contracts in IT.


  • Qualified legal aid for Kharkiv IT-companies in their best interest;
  • Rapid response to offenses by authorities against IT-companies.

Target audience

CEO & IT-specialists


Online media, social networks, media partners.


  • Telephone consultation is free;
  • Support of business is conducted on a fee basis.