KredoBank has comprehensive solutions for IT


Hello World. We stand by you every day and during the main milestones in your life. In online banking app and mortgage loan decision. We are 30 years old and one of the most trustful banks in Ukraine. We like IT and to follow public IT pages in social medias. We know about individual entrepreneurship, juniors, seniors, testers, developers and we heard about the galleys. Also we are really good in finances: transactions, bank accounts, rates, fees, loans, deposits and other bank definitions.

And that is why we have comprehensive solutions for IT: for hired employees either for workers registered as individual entrepreneurs. Accounts that include personal manager, bonuses and discounts for loans. Individual entrepreneurs service cost 39 UAH per month for revenue in UAH and 119 UAH if revenue in USD.

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Also convenient package offer for international transactions which allows companies that cooperate with Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs to send one payment to Ukraine for all recipients instead of several payments.


In general, a whole bunch of benefits. Read more on our page.


wallet-200x200 KredoBank has comprehensive solutions for IT

And a bit about KredoBank. KredoBank is one of the most reliable banks in Ukraine and one of the systemically important banks, according to National Bank of Ukraine.

  • It is in the TOP-20 largest Ukrainian banks (by the number of net assets);
  • 86 branches in Ukraine;
  • More than 520,000 retail customers and 53,000 corporate entities;
  • UAH 538 mln profit in 2019;
  • UAH 11.6 billion of loans issued in 2019. Of which UAH 6.6 billion – corporate entities and UAH 5.6 billion – mortgages, car loans and other consumer loans;

From the latest news, we have updated our online banking, which now has currency exchange and many other features in your smartphone. And we are the first bank in Ukraine to introduce the video consulting service. You can now meet us online without coming to our office. We will tell everything we know. And KredoBank knows a lot.




Lyudmila Ivanova

Director of the regional center for attracting customers of the IT segment
Regional center for attracting customers of the IT segment

Branch of 39 Nauka Ave., JSC “KREDOBANK” in Kharkiv
East region
Tel .: +38 (057) 765-01-16
Mob .: +38 (050) 402-76-94
Mob .: +38 (093) 910-17-10

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