Kharkiv IT Unicorns 2017 Startup Space


Kharkiv IT Cluster Launches a New Season of Kharkiv IT Unicorns

Registration for Kharkiv IT Unicorns 2017 Startup Space – the second season of the Kharkiv IT Unicorns from Kharkiv IT Cluster – is open.

This year the project is expanded and will consist of:

  • workshops and training activities with practitioners to raise and practice the level of professional knowledge and skills necessary to create and develop their start-ups – from idea to realization.
  • startup competition, based on selected ideas, assigned mentors and formed team. The participants will present projects to potential investors and the industry experts.
  • entertaining and educational events – excursions to universities, museums, enterprises, and IT-companies in Kharkiv. Participants will need to be open-minded, learn about the potential of the Kharkiv industry, related technological areas, discover new opportunities and look at how the real business works. And, of course, enjoy the  networking and fun!

The projects are expected to target at improving life in the family, city, and country: Smart House, Smart City, doing business, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Objectives of Kharkiv IT Unicorns 2017 include:

  • increase of participants’ professional business skills;
  • increase of entrepreneurial culture;
  • development of start-up movement among youth;
  • creation of common platform for interaction of active students of different universities;
  • unity of startup resources of Kharkov;
  • preparation of an IT ecosystem for start-up competitions.

Who is eligible to participate in Kharkiv IT Unicorns:

  • as a participant: all interested students, start-ups, entrepreneurs from 14 to 35 years old;
  • as a mentor and a consultant: all interested experts who are ready to share knowledge and help teams in the development of the project.

Join the project:

Facebook group of project

Project history:

The Kharkiv IT Unicorns project was launched in October 2016, supported by the Department for the Competitiveness of the HOGA Region within the framework of the Program for the Promotion of Small and Medium Business Development in the Kharkiv Region for 2016-2020, where it was included by the initiative from Kharkiv IT Cluster.

The project lasted for six months and was aimed at developing a start-up movement among the youth of the Kharkiv region. The project was attended by more than 600 people, most of whom were students of IT faculties of Kharkiv universities. Participants in teams presented start-up ideas and went through a number of free trainings, seminars, and open lectures. Representatives of the academic community, advanced business trainers of Kharkiv, experienced IT specialists, as well as heads of IT companies,  joined the project as mentors.

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