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💙 Ambulances for Ukrainian defenders

💛 Assistance to Kharkiv Regional State Administration

💙 Assistance in the evacuation of residents of the Kharkiv region

💛 Help from G5, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster

💙 Help from EPAM, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster

💛 Humanitarian aid to the city during the wartime

💙 The assistance in the fight against COVID-19

💛 Helping people affected by the fire near Dvorichna

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💙 Our results

Ambulances for Ukrainian defenders

Kharkiv IT Cluster, IT Ukraine Association and the Techiіa Foundation collected USD 20,000 for two ambulances for the needs of Kharkiv defenders.

The first ambulance was received by the 122nd separate battalion of the Territorial Defense of Kharkiv.

IT4Life_facebook_telegram-7-640x336 IT4Life

The second ambulance was received by the 227th battalion of Kharkiv, which is part of the 127th brigade of the Territorial Defence of the Kharkiv region.

IT4Life_shvydka_vid_IT_2-640x336 IT4Life

Assistance to Kharkiv Regional State Administration

The Russian bomb destroyed the workplace of Kharkiv Regional State Administration employees and all their work equipment and furniture. The joint efforts of Kharkiv IT Cluster and IT company HAKA MEDIA collected and handed over tables, chairs, fans and lamps for administration employees.

IT4Life_Dopomoha_OVA-640x336 IT4Life

Assistance in the evacuation of residents of the Kharkiv region

The IT community helped to purchase fuel for evacuating people from de-occupied territories.

Thanks to the charitable contributions of the IT community, the following were purchased:
  • fuel for cars that took people out of dangerous areas;
  • humanitarian assistance to the evacuated population;
  • medical assistance for evacuees;
  • humanitarian kits for residents of the region.

IT4Life_dopomoha_v_evakuatsii-640x336 IT4Life

Help from G5, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster

Chuhuiv Hospital

At the end of April, G5 entirely financed the purchase of the innovative surgical device SURTRON ® TOUCH 200 for the Chuguyiv Central Hospital. The donation was the amount of UAH 283,500! Thanks to the purchased device, doctors are already saving the lives of wounded children and adults.

Facebook_Ksyusha-30-828x466-1-640x360 IT4Life

Delivery of humanitarian aid to the address

With the beginning of a full-scale war, a humanitarian crisis arose in the Kharkiv region, but thanks to the support of the G5, UAH 160,000 for the targeted delivery of humanitarian aid, our volunteers were able to feed thousands of people in hot spots of the city and region.

adresna-dostavka-1-828x466-1-640x360 IT4Life

Suture material

Thanks to the support of G5, Kharkiv IT Cluster was able to quickly analyze the necessary assortment, find, buy and deliver suture material to medical institutions. In particular, the materials were received by Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital named after M. Sklifosovsky of the Poltava Regional Council, Chuguyiv Central Hospital named after M. Kononenko and the Kharkiv Regional Council Regional Clinical Hospital.

IT4Life_shovnui_material_G5-640x336 IT4Life

Help from EPAM, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster

EPAM team made a significant financial contribution, thanks to which, as part of the IT4Life project from the Kharkiv IT Cluster, more than 500 residents of Pershotravneve in the Kharkiv region received food kits and hygiene products for children.

dopomoga-meshkantsyam-pershotravnevogo-828x518-1-640x400 IT4Life

Humanitarian aid to the city during wartime

Since the beginning of tha full-scale Russian aggression, the IT4Life foundation and members of the Kharkiv IT community have been combating the humanitarian crisis that arose in the wake of constant shelling of Kharkiv.

In the first week of the full-scale war we created a volunteer network consisting of restaurants, drivers and other caring people, who help the city.

Our network is made of approximately 450 volunteers and most of them work, under the constant shelling of Kharkiv, every day  without any break.

These volunteers bring humanitarian aid to all the Kharkiv districts: Novi Budynky, KhTZ, Piatykhatky, Saltivka, Pivnichna Saltivka, the city center, and settlements in the Kharkiv region.

IT4Life_dopomoga_2-849x800 IT4Life

ІТ4Life foundation’s areas of help during the wartime:
  • address food and medicine delivery for people with limited mobility and people living in places with the damaged infrastructure;
  • providing warm food to people in bomb shelters, hostpitals and other hotspots in Kharkiv;
  • evacuation of Kharkiv civilians, who became victims of shelling, to safe cities in Ukraine and Europe;
  • coordination of humanitarian aid from other Ukrainian cities to Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.
As of the end of March 2022, our volunteers have:
  • fed 30,000+ people;
  • prepared 4,000+ servings of food daily;
  • delivered aid to hotspots, hospitals, bomb shelters;
  • provided vulnerable groups with food and medicine;
  • evacuated 10,000+ people.
You can help Kharkiv here:


IT4Life_dopomoga_3-849x800 IT4Life

How can you volunteer in Kharkiv?
  1. Help with collecting donations for the humanitarian aid
  2. Fill in the Kharkiv volunteer application and we will help with finding the best way of coordinate action (both in Kharkiv and remotely)
Address humanitarian aid for the victims

Since the  first days of the full-scale war, IT4Life  members together with other Kharkiv volunteer organizations actively collect and process requests for humanitarian aid from civilians and coordinate the delivery of food and medicine to the victims of war. The priority in aid is given to elderly people, women, children and people with disabilities.

IT4Life_dopomoga_5-849x800 IT4Life

Warm food for people

Over 20 restaurants prepare warm food for people in bomb shelters, hospitals and other hotspots in Kharkiv. To achieve this we get help from volunteering cooks, drivers, coordinators and packagers.

Each day we process hundreds of requests and then set out towards people who were left without homes or means to sustain themselves.

Coordination of humanitarian aid from other Ukrainian cities to Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

Some of our volunteers work remotely, outside of Kharkiv. This enables them to buy essential goods that are temporarily unavailable in Kharkiv stores. We get this crucial aid thanks to many volunteering drivers and coordinators from various cities of Ukraine.

Evacuation of Kharkiv civilians, who became victims of shelling

By March, more than 1,000 residential buildings got damaged, leaving many people without housing. Thanks to transport companies that agreed to aid the people, we were able to save over 10,000 people, who got by buses to Poltava, Dnipro and a number of cities outside Ukraine.

How does the volunteering work:

  1. Collect the requests from people of Kharkiv in need.

    Every day we process requests from various city areas and classify them according to the areas of aid.

  2. Distribute the requests among volunteers.

    Depending on the request, we direct it into the corresponding volunteer chat room.

  3. Collect the aid.

    Look for the items requested in our warehouses. If we don’t have them available, then we place the order for them.  If this is a request for warm food — direct it to one of the volunteering restaurants.

  4. Coordinate the aid delivery.

    Volunteering coordinators set up the logistics for the aid delivery, help with the communication and provide the drivers and providers with the appropriate papers.

  5. Refill the aid supply.

    We collect the donations for the humanitarian aid supply and  then purchase food, medicine and personal hygiene items.


You can help Kharkiv here:


Razdelytel-dlya-sajta-1100x23 IT4Life

The assistance in the fight against COVID-19

1-2-480x480 IT4Life

IT4Life is a project in which Kharkiv IT companies help Kharkiv and the region: purchase medical equipment, consumables, install oxygen systems and overcome other local challenges.

The mission of the project is to unite the efforts of the IT business and the community to save the lives of people and the economy of Kharkiv and the region during the pandemic.

2-1-480x480 IT4Life

The aim of the project is to help minimize the negative effects of Covid quarantine and War on the region.

You can transfer funds to assist in the fight against coronaviruses at the expense of:

Razdelytel-dlya-sajta-1100x23 IT4Life

The project’s phases

1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 1: 

10-18th of March.

We analyzed hospitals’ needs in protective and other equipment, medication, etc.

2-480x480 IT4LifePhase 2:

Start date: March, 19th.

We raised funds from IT companies to pay targeted bills to ensure the prevention of the spread and treatment of patients with coronavirus infection.

The goals of the phase are:

  • to provide 4 hospitals that have been chosen as the main centers accepting patients with COVID-19 in the region with all the equipment from the list of required supplies;
  • to start the program of supporting elderly people – the most susceptible category during the pandemic.

3-1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 3: 

Start date: March, 23th.

We started partnership programs with charitable foundations of the region to scale the hospitals’ assistance and help elderly people.

You can transfer funds to assist in the fight against coronaviruses at the expense of:


4-1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 4:

Start date:  March, 26th.

We created the charitable foundation IT4Life that joins forces of the companies and the IT community to focus on saving people’s lives and the regional economy.

The companies that have already joined the project IT4Life:

Logopyty-uchatnykov-1320x1207 IT4Life

Our achievements:

In March 2020, the IT community purchased medical equipment, which increased the number of diagnoses and treatments to 100,000 patients per month!

photo_2020-04-15_18-56-32-640x480 IT4Life

IMG_1152-640x480 IT4Life

5-1-480x480 IT4Life

To provide the early diagnosis and treatment for doctors, we bought:

  • disinfectants
  • cardiographs
  • 3 diagnostic ultrasound systems
  • medical manipulation table
  • 12 laryngoscopes
  • 2 desktop centrifuges
  • 1 defibrillator
  • To treat infected people, the IT community bought:
  • 3 electrocardiographs
  • 18 respiratory bags for adults
  • oxygen concentrators
  • 30 pulse oximeters
  • 18 mobile infusion stands
  • 670 multifunctional wheelchairs.
  • 130 humidifiers

6-1-480x480 IT4Life

IMG_1264-640x480 IT4Life

Kharkiv Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital

Within the framework of the project “IT4LIFE”, the NGO “Flow Foundation” purchased an electrosurgical device BOWA and a skull fixation system DORO for the O.I. Meshchaninov City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Care. in Kharkiv.

3D-studio “StuffHouse3d” made protective shields 14 times cheaper than the average market price for hospitals in the Kharkiv region!

Dyzajn-bez-nazvanyya-1-640x360 IT4Life

City Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital № 17 

Together with volunteers from the IT community, we purchased 450 protective shields for main city and regional hospitals in Kharkiv:

  • Kharkiv Regional Council “Regional Children’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital”
  • Kharkiv Regional Council “Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital” Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise of the Kharkiv Regional Council “Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital”
  • Kharkiv Regional Council “Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital” 
  • Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital №13 КНП
  • Kharkiv City Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital №17 КНП
  • City Clinical Maternity Hospital №2 named after M.Kh. Gelferich 
  • Kharkiv Regional Clinical Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection КНП
  • Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

The “Scalarr” company funded the repair of lung ventilators for the regional children’s hospital.

3-2-480x480 IT4Life

Oxygen systems: 

“” and ”DataForSEO ” financed the oxygen systems in the Regional Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection three oxygen systems were installed for the Kharkiv Oncology Center.

Our work continues, but many more hospitals need to be provided with necessary equipment. We are looking for 3D studios in other regions, or studios that can provide temporary use of 3D printers. 

We are very grateful to the Kharkiv IT companies, which have united for the safety of people! We invite you to join IT4LIFE, because there is still a lot of work ahead!

3-2-480x480 IT4Life

Helping people affected by the fire near Dvorichna

On September 3, 2020, a large fire broke out in the village of Horobivka, Dvorichansky district. Several villages were damaged, houses burned down, and people lost everything. The fire destroyed 22 houses, leaving 33 homeless. For several days our colleagues have been helping on-site on their own:

  • fed firefighters at their own expense (200 people a day)
  • provided for the primary needs of local residents
  • helped people with housing

Oleksiy Kholodenko, a member of the Supervisory Board and the founder of CodeIT, supervised the targeted use of the collected funds from the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Dyzajn-bez-nazvanyya-360x480 IT4Life

Kharkiv IT Cluster supports Belarusian IT specialists in 2021

The Kharkiv IT community sincerely empathizes with our Belarusian colleagues who are forced to be in unstable conditions and under psychological pressure.

We understand that such conditions make it challenging not only to maintain stability for the IT business but also to live and work. The Kharkiv IT Cluster public organization is ready to help Belarusian IT specialists and IT companies under our IT4Life initiative. We offer:

  • legal and organizational assistance in relocating to Kharkiv;
  • assisting in finding housing and offices;
  • providing information support in a job search for IT specialists.

Belorusy-sajt-angl-640x256 IT4Life


Together with Bank Vostok Kharkiv IT Cluster initiated the first center of mass vaccination in Kharkiv. Currently, there are 18 centers in the city. As of October 2021, 11,782 Kharkiv residents have been vaccinated thanks to the initiative.

How to participate the project?

We always track the urgent needs and invite you to take part in the project IT4Life.

Whether your company is a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster or not, if you want to join our project and help to provide medical equipment and medications as well as help elderly people in Kharkiv region, please write about your willings to the emails below:

Olga Shapoval — executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster

Alyona Belyaeva — PR&Communications manager of Kharkiv IT Cluster

How to help

Liqpay Donate

Details for transferring charitable funds


In Hryvnia Currency (UAH):

USREOU code 43580628
Current account UA373515330000026004052140795
in the Kharkiv GRU JSC CB ‘Privatbank’ MFO 351533

Purpose of payment: «Charitable assistance».

In Dollar (USD):

Individual tax number: 43580628
Account number: UA183515330000026000052147190
Account in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA

Purpose of payment: «Charitable assistance».

In Euro (EUR):

Individual tax number: 43580628
Account number: UA723515330000026007052141906
Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF
Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Purpose of payment: «Charitable assistance».

Our results

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  2. Teroborontsi-Harkova-otrymaly-shvydku-vid-IT-spilnoty-1-720x362 IT4Life
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