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You can transfer funds to assist in the fight against coronaviruses at the expense of:

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that is spreading rapidly all over the world. The USA and almost all of the countries in Europe have already faced the disease. The number of infected people is growing every day. The government of Ukraine decided to quarantine almost all of the cities to protect people’s health. Kharkiv quarantines since the 12th of March.

Together with Kharkiv IT Cluster, you have the opportunity to help our region. You can take part in the project IT4Life. As a part of the project, Kharkiv IT-companies help the city and the region by financing medical equipment and other supplies acquisition in case people are infected.

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The mission of the project is to minimize the negative impact of the quarantine and coronavirus, by joining forces of the IT-business and the IT-community to save people’s lives and the Kharkiv region’s economy.

The goal of the project is to help the region to prevent the coronavirus infection, minimize the negative impact on residents, and save Kharkiv and the region’s economy.

The project’s phases

1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 1: 

10-18th of March.

We analyse hospitals’ needs in protective and other equipment, medication, etc.

2-480x480 IT4LifePhase 2:

Start date: March, 19th.

We raise funds from IT-companies to pay the target bill in order to provide the prevention and treatment of patients who are infected.

The goals of the phase are:

  • to provide 4 hospitals  that have been chosen as the main reception centers accepting patients with COVID-19 in the region with all the equipment from the list of required supplies;
  • to start the program of supporting elderly people – the most susceptible category during the pandemy.

3-1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 3: 

Start date: March, 23th.

We started partnership programs with charitable foundations of the region to scale the hospitals’ assistance and help elderly people.

You can transfer funds to assist in the fight against coronaviruses at the expense of:


4-1-480x480 IT4LifePhase 4:

Start date:  March, 26th.

We created the charitable foundation IT4Life that joins forces of the companies and the IT-community and focuses on saving people’s lives and the regional economy.

The companies that have already joined the project IT4Life:

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Our achievements:

The IT-community has already bought the medical equipment that would increase the capabilities of diagnostics and treatment to 100K patients per month.

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To provide the early diagnosis and treatment for doctors, we bought:

  • 3 diagnostic ultrasound systems;
  • 1 medical handling table;
  • 12 laryngoscopes;
  • 2 bench centrifuges.

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To treat infected people, the IT-community bought:

  • 3 electrocardiographs;
  • 18 respiratory bags for adults;
  • 30 pulse oximeters;
  • 18 mobile infusion stands;
  • 670 multifunctional wheelchairs.

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We are grateful to Kharkiv IT-companies that have come together to protect people’s lives. Still, we have a lot of work to do. If you want to join the project, you still have the opportunity. You can find the necessary information below.

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Dvorichanskyi district

You may have already heard about a fierce fire that happened in the Dvorichanskyi district. Several villages were damaged, houses burned down, and people lost everything.

Our colleagues have been helping on their own for several days on-site:

  • feeding the firefighters at their own expense, 200 people a day;
  • helping people with housing;
  • feeding locals, and much more.

Several IT CEOs have already supported the initiative.

Within the IT4Life project by Kharkiv IT Cluster, we invite you to help in fundraising and spreading the information to raise funds.

Aleksey Kholodenko, the Supervisory Board member and the founder of CodeIT, controls the intended use of the collected funds.

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Kharkiv IT Cluster supports Belarusian IT specialists

The Kharkiv IT community sincerely empathizes with our Belarusian colleagues who are forced to be in unstable conditions and under psychological pressure.

We understand that such conditions make it challenging not only to maintain stability for the IT-business but also to live and work.

The Kharkiv IT Cluster public organization is ready to help Belarusian IT specialists and IT companies under our IT4Life initiative. We offer:

  • legal and organizational assistance in relocating to Kharkiv;
  • assist in finding housing and offices;
  • provide information support in a job search for IT specialists.

If you need help, contact us using the registration form.
If you are a representative of the Kharkiv IT industry and want to help Belarusian IT specialists, email us at

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How to participate the project?

We always track the urgent needs and invite you to take part in the project IT4Life.

Whether your company is a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster or not, if you want to join our project and help to provide medical equipment and medications as well as help elderly people in Kharkiv region, please write about your willings to the emails below:

Olga Shapoval — executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster

Alyona Belyaeva — PR&Communications manager of Kharkiv IT Cluster

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