The project is based on the promotion of gender equality in technological professions. The goal of the project is to attract girls and women in the IT industry, by creating suitable conditions for the development of their skills and talents. The main ways of popularizing technical IT projects are holding events and meetings, supporting and mentoring young professionals, creating conditions for successful employment.

Audience and speakers:

The project is conducted for young women who are not afraid to take risks, choosing technological professions and compete on a par with men.

Speakers at the events held within the bounds of this project are women who were able to achieve high professional and career results in technology companies that can transfer experience in building a career and gaining professionalism in the technical field.

During the project, such events were held:

  • Girls2IT – a conference of young professionals, held during Erasmus + project of the European Union at the Kharkiv National University of Economics.
  • ” Women development in STEM” during the project “Technological pact for women development in STEM-companies”. Kharkov was chosen as the first city to host this all-Ukrainian event, in view of a large number of technological universities.
  • Women in IT, organized by IT school Hillel, which consists of 25% student-girls.


  • Disclosure of areas and possible areas of activity for women in technology companies.
  • Visualization of traditional and non-traditional vacancies and positions in IT companies occupied by women.
  • Identify the participants’ growth areas to achieve maximum success in the technology stack.