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One of the most perplexing problems for students finishing university and young professionals is their first job search. Young people have a poor understanding of modern trends and companies’ work specifics, as well as lack of knowledge depth of technologies and frameworks. As the main questions asked by 99% of students who have ever tried to find their first or not first job, you can specify the following:

  • Where can I find it?
  • How to make a CV?
  • What technologies are now in the trend and what is relevant?
  • How to pass the interview?
  • How to start and how to get used to the profession quickly?
  • What do you need to know for the Junior / Trainee position?
  • When and how to start learning about technology?
  • Which experts employers prefer to hire?
  • How can I improve my visibility to the future employer?

These and many other questions are ready to be answered by this project, within the bounds of which series of workshops and pieces of training are held aimed to update knowledge and skills in technical fields, competent CV preparation, behavioral and structured interviews passing. The project is built on a case-study approach during which the theory and practice are dosed.

Audience and speakers:

There are no restrictions on the age and education of participants in the project. The main criteria are the desire to change and openness to new knowledge.

High-level specialists in each of the technology stacks (.NET, Java, JS, Python) and the stages of software development (Project Management, Development, Testing, Business Analysis), as well as non-technical specialists like HR and PR, soft skills coaches and experienced recruiters – inspire and share knowledge in the course of this project. The speakers of the workshops will be professionals at the Senior and Lead level who are directly involved in recruiting and training Junior / Trainee in their companies.


Stage # 1:

Theoretical knowledge, actualization, and preparation for the interview (Q1-Q2 2018) – 4 workshops

  • Easy2StartITCareer: What should I start with?

How to compile your resume and the basic typical errors of compilation. What to write in the resume and how to prepare if there is no work experience. The main tricky questions at the interview and the expected answers. What to do and what not to do during the interview?

  • Easy2StartITCareer: How can I find myself in IT? What things should be done?

The problem of choosing a profession is always very acute for young specialists and not only for them. What should I become? Do I have enough knowledge and skills for this profession? What do I need to know as the minimum acceptable level for the Junior / Trainee position?

  • Easy2StartITCareer: How to pass an interview successfully?

The ability to pass an interview is such a professional skill as knowing programming languages or testing basics. How to behave during the interview? What and how to talk about yourself? How to answer those questions that you do not know the answers to?

  • Easy2StartIT Career: What is an engineering culture and why is it important for IT people?

Today it is not enough to be just a good IT specialist – technical skills are definitely important and valuable, however, it is no longer enough. The engineering culture comes to the fore, as a symbiosis of hard and soft skills.

Stage #2:

Practical knowledge and skills in the interview, complex and tricky questions (Q3-Q4 2018). Easy2Start IT Career: How to find your way? – 6 trainings

  •         Interview for HR: The five most popular behavioral questions and how not to poke?
  •         Interview for frontend guys: What is better Angular or React and other tricky questions in the interview?
  •         Interview for backend guys: Compare what patterns you know and what you can do?
  •         Interview for PM: How to convince your employer that you can start and finish a project?
  •         Interview for recruiters: How to make an employer hire you and show your value?
  •         Interview for designers: How to compose a selling portfolio and show your creativity?


  • Increase the communication and technical level of students in interviews.
  • Decrease in the number of refusals after job interviews.
  • Mastering the skills of self-presentation and coping with primary stress.
  • Increase the chances of an interview with a well-written CV.

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