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Difficult times call for new approaches to team optimization, and the best thing to do is to find a solution that enhances efficiency and optimizes costs.

That’s why Mnews.agency has developed an automated system for monitoring advertising campaigns on Google, which has changed the paradigm of project management and streamlined business processes.

The solution that transformed workflow

Mnews.agency is a team of 25 specialists focusing on internet marketing. In 2024, they attained premium partner status with Google and began collaborating with Meta Business. Their managed budget exceeds $6,400,000 per year.

«In 2022, like everyone else, we faced challenges we weren’t prepared for. After some time, it became clear: we wouldn’t continue working as before. The complete relocation of almost the entire team and the realization that we needed to maintain control prompted us to seek new solutions», — says Mykhailo Kliachko, owner and manager of Mnews.agency.

The challenge for the experts was to consolidate events and data from web analytics and advertising accounts with actual project tasks and exercise controlled oversight.

How did they handle this task before? They utilized Google Ads scripts, notifications in Google Analytics, dashboards in Google Looker Studio, and Power Bi.

«We had business processes that allowed us to monitor metrics using these reports, spending the team’s time. In case of problems or changes in the metric, the project manager would assign a task in the CRM system to the specialist for execution», — explains Mykhailo Kliachko.

Back then, the team worked in the office, without air alarms or blackouts. With the onset of the full-scale invasion, all processes that had been working efficiently started to fail.

«We realized that we needed a system that would be an assistant to our team. One that would take on all standard checks of accounts according to set rules and, based on these checks, form tasks for the team in the CRM system», — notes Mykhailo Kliachko.

On one hand, they needed to automate the monitoring process without creating additional labor costs. On the other hand, it needed to be seamlessly integrated with CRM, as without this, there would be no leverage for task execution control.

The team began searching for a solution but unfortunately didn’t find one that satisfied them. Therefore, in a period of complete uncertainty, they began developing their own product.

An algorithm that handles all routine

By connecting Google and Meta APIs and creating their own CRM system to address tasks for digital agencies dealing with traffic, Mnews.agency built ppchelper.net.

With this system, users can automate many routine tasks. What tasks exactly? The main one is lead and project management, which includes:

  • Monitoring advertising metrics from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Meta ads with automatic linking to actual tasks.
  • Timely notifications via Telegram or email regarding the need for optimization of certain processes.
  • A transparent system for tracking labor costs per project, which allows for a clear understanding of tasks being performed and how much time is being spent on them.
  • A unified interface for the project and specialist, where they can see all key indicators: tasks, labor costs, issues, and statistics.

«Ppchelper.net allowed us to improve the quality and efficiency of project management, free up to 30% of the team’s time, improve relationships with partners, and significantly increase control over key business processes», — shares Mykhailo Kliachko.

Convenient and secure workflow organization

In terms of comfort, Mnews Digital Agency ensures reliable organization of workflow for its clients.

Integration of Google with PPCHelper takes just two clicks, allowing users to quickly start using the system. Configuration is made as convenient as possible for users. If needed, you can always consult with the agency’s experts. The system includes necessary report and notification templates. You just need to select the required parameters.

Thanks to PPCHelper, users can significantly increase the efficiency of their advertising activities and save time. The startup’s pricing policy is transparent and attractive. There are no mandatory monthly payments – payment is only made for actions performed in the system. The price for one action is 4 cents, and the average cost of monitoring one project ranges from 1 to 5 dollars, depending on the volume and frequency of metric checks.

PPCHelper has been verified by Google and fully complies with the restricted use policy. This ensures that all user data is protected by reliable encryption and is only used with their consent, in accordance with the restricted use policy. As a user, you can close access to your data at any time in the system’s personal account.

«In 2024, we decided to open access to the system to external users and develop it as a SaaS project. This allows us to attract additional funding for the service and constantly improve its functionality», — shares Mykhailo Kliachko.

Therefore, PPCHelper from Mnews Digital Agency is a powerful tool that streamlines work and helps focus on important tasks.

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