Podcasts to learn English

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English is no longer an advantage, but a must-have. Summer is a great opportunity to improve it, or finally start learning!

Theory, practical tasks, reading are all helpful. However, understanding a native speaker requires a deep dive. Podcasts are great for that purpose!

Here is our golden selection:

  • 6 Minute English. For six minutes, the podcast hosts discuss a social issue. It is a great opportunity to add relevant expressions to your vocabulary.
  • TED. Improve your English and learn new things on many different topics. Choose whatever you like the most: professions, science, education, health, games, and much more!
  • Learning English News Review. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from around the world and increase your vocabulary with cool English words. Note that podcast hosts speak fast.
  • Learn English with Don’t Speak. It is the only podcast of the collection in Russian. The hosts explain grammar rules, the logic of building sentences and statements, and also teach you to understand subtle English humor.

A hint: in addition to podcasts, watch interviews and shows with your favorite actors or performers. It is a pleasure for you and improvement of your skills at the same time.

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