Podcasts about texts and how to write them

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Hello to all copywriters, editors, and writers!
Do not have time to process a large amount of information, but still need and want to know as much as possible?

No problem! We have prepared a selection of podcasts with useful and only important information for those who work with texts.

Here are our findings:

  • «Redach.Podcast». Texts for websites, applications, advertisements, books, as well as UX copywriting — learn from podcasts what those things are, how to write clearly and efficiently.
  • «Writers in Tech». A series of interviews with UX copywriters, content designers, and content strategists. Numerous examples and tips are guaranteed. The podcast is in English.
  • «Eradication of Illiteracy». A podcast for those who write in Russian. The rules and norms of the Russian language, which never hurt to repeat.
  • «Script». A podcast for those who have just decided to connect their lives with writing. Everything about texts from scratch: what it is, what its components are, and how to read texts correctly.

Listen to podcasts and spend every minute of your day usefully!
Comment if you listen to podcasts and what topics are your favorite!

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