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Kharkiv IT Cluster summarized the first phase of the OPEN IT project – a series of workshops for those who dream of working in the IT-industry.

The events were held at seven partner universities, with speakers from IT companies, senior, lead, and C-level specialists.

How did it all begin?

The current IT industry has about 20 professions involved in the software development cycle, with an additional 10 new professions emerging every 5 years.

Blockchain, Machine Learning, VR, Big Data are in the TOP of the most popular directions in the world and all of them are represented in Ukraine.

So Kharkiv IT Cluster decided to organized this series of workshops for beginners. Experienced speakers helped listeners to see the multifaceted nature of the industry and suggested the list of  professional literature to study.

infographics2.1 OPEN IT SUMMARIES AND PROSPECTSInfographics 1. High-Tech Industry Trends: Open IT Summaries and Prospects.

A series of 7 OPEN IT workshops began in early spring 2019 and focused on the following topics:

  • Project Management – by NIX speakers Oleksandr Dyachenko and Daria Kozlenko at KHNEU im. Kuznetsa.
  • Cryptography specialist and Distributed Lab founder at the UBS Department of Internal Affairs Pavel Kravchenko was talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies at.
  • The world of AR, VR, ER and MR technologies was represented by the Technical Director of Lucid Reality Labs Yevhen Ovcharenko at NTU “KPI”.
  • Data Science & Big Data by Alexander Dolgaryov, Chief Technology Officer and Quantum founder at HNADU.
  • IoT, Smart House was told by Igor Ditsky, Head of Research and Development Department of JV Radmirtech company at KhNUMG im. A.N. Beketova.
  • Robotics specialist Pavel Trofimov and embedded systems specialist Ivan Shevtsov of Vertical held a workshop on Embedded Systems at KNURE.
  • The workshop series was completed by Alexey CTO of UNITSYSTEMS who spoken about the DevOps Engineer profession at the Zhukovsky KhNAU.

After each workshop participants of the project could communicate with the speakers and leave feedback, the most active of them Kharkiv IT Cluster encouraged with gifts.

infographics2.3-1 OPEN IT SUMMARIES AND PROSPECTSInfographics 2.  High-Tech Industry Trends: Outcome and Outlook of Open IT

What is the result?
In total, the workshops attracted 280 people. The most popular topic among participants was augmented and virtual reality.

30 people who asked questions and participated in the discussions were granted the access to the closed IT-community Junior Club, where they can upgrade their soft-skills and skills to employ in an IT company.

infographics3 OPEN IT SUMMARIES AND PROSPECTSInfographics 3. IT-companies participated in Open IT by Kharkiv IT Cluster

Participants` feedback on the project:

Adrian Kozhanov, a graduate of KNURE, a systems analyst:

“Being involved in the Open IT project has helped me a lot. I learned that we have a lot of interesting workshops, got interested in Data Science and saw all the diversity of IT industry specifically in Kharkiv. Through the last workshop I found out what else I can look for in my specialty.”

Denis Savekov, student of KNURE, computer science:

“I will say for sure that I have gained self-confidence, I am able to write summaries and I am not afraid of an interview. At first, I knew what I wanted to do (machine learning engineer or related).

Oleg Nikitchenko.

“Since April  of this year, I have just begun to become acquainted with the IT world, and I was told about the existence of IT Cluster! The Open IT project showed that small part of how huge, diverse, interesting and promising the world of IT technologies is. I want to cover all areas of IT, each of them is interesting! Thanks to the whole Kharkiv IT Cluster team!”

The future plan of Open IT project is  a new series of workshops which Kharkiv IT will launch at October 2019.

The following topics will be covered:

  • HR
  • Business Analyst
  • Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing
  • SMM
  • Public Relations
  • BDSM (Business Development Sales & Marketing)
  • QA Software Quality Assurance

To be continued…