NIX Solutions participates in creating Innovations Campus for Kharkiv IT-students

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Construction of Innovations campus — a joint project by one of the biggest Kharkiv IT-companies NIX Solutions, headed by Igor Braginsky, NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, UNIT. Factory and K.Fund — a project by the Vasily Khmelnitsky fund, has began in Kharkiv. Students will gain access to all campus possibilities. This includes innovational educational IT-programs, the school of small and medium-sized businesses, coworking area, security and access to the knowledge.

1 NIX Solutions participates in creating Innovations Campus for Kharkiv IT-students

NIX Solutions, together with other active participants of the project, see their main objective as combining new technologies in education, business and IT. Thus, they will help Kharkiv students to become new types of specialists, who in the future, will also participate in the development of the IT-field and bring it to a whole new level. This initiative is also supported by businesses, educational institutes and public organizations, as well as local authorities.

“Kharkiv is a city of universities, an educational center of Ukraine. It is our advantage which we always have to increase. That is why we support Kharkiv innovational educational projects,”  mentioned Julia Svetlichnaya, chairman of Kharkiv region state administration.   “Such projects as Innovations campus in NTU “KHPI”, broaden the horizons for education and further employment opportunities of youth and creates the conditions for combining intellectual and entrepreneurial abilities. That is why they have become a common birthplace of perspective start-ups.”

3-1 NIX Solutions participates in creating Innovations Campus for Kharkiv IT-students

An educational program created by UNIT.Factory, together with NTU “KHPI” and other related universities will be implemented on campus. Talented students will have an opportunity to study informational technologies for free. The main advantages of the program, are an absence of teachers, a bare-minimum theory and maximum level of individual work. Students will co-work, share their knowledge, experience and discoveries. Students’ progress will be coordinated by so-called “operators” — other students and campus employees.

“We have studied the situation with education in modern Ukraine, looked at foreign experience. What have we concluded? Earlier our universities prepared qualified engineers, nowadays they prepare good programmers. However, many people can code, but only few of them can create start-ups and run something on their own,” comments investor and ideologist of the project Vasily Khmelnitsky. “What do we have now? We teach specialists and they go work abroad. We need to create the conditions where they will want to stay and get worthwhile jobs. This is our concept.”

Igor Braginsky, graduate of KHPI Doctorate, president of NIX Solutions and member of the Supervisory Board of NTU “KHPI” and Kharkiv IT Cluster, says “Business and education have a common goal, to create highly qualified specialists. NIX Solutions has come to this conclusion long ago, that’s why for more than 20 years, our company has been developing educational projects in Kharkiv universities, creating its own and now investing in the creation of Innovations campus.”

“We seek synergy of business and education — gathering powerful academic schools with our practical experience, curiosity and desire to create something new. This mix will increase the success of each of us and help Ukrainian IT-businesses to make a confident step into the future together with the educational system, ” commented Igor Braginsky, president of NIX Solutions, during the presentation of the Campus project.