Kharkiv MAP: new resource for effective management of the region’s infrastructure

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The full-scale war unleashed by the aggressor has created many challenges, problems, and hardships for all of us. Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes to save themselves and their families, to hide in shelters, or to seek new refuge, because some have nowhere else to go because of the terrorist acts of the russian federation.

One of the challenges faced by civilians and the military is the unreliability of critical information coming from various sources that cannot always be called reliable. This results in an excessive workload for intelligence officers due to the additional need to structure all the data received, analyze and compile it, as well as all the possible risks associated with the lack of up-to-date and verified information. The Kharkiv Regional Military Administration is also familiar with this problem, and it needed proven expertise, so it turned to Kharkiv IT Cluster because from February 24 to the present day, the community has been concentrating all its efforts to help those in need: Kharkiv residents, our military, the city, and Ukraine.

«Our primary focus since the beginning of the war was the resilience and business continuity of the Kharkiv IT community. We have been working since the first full-scale war day, from the moment we heard the first explosions. The evacuation was the first thing we did. To save the businesses, we’ve coordinated the evacuation of 15,000 IT professionals with their families and pets. We also launched support and additional services for them in the regions where they have moved» comments Olga Shapoval, executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Kharkiv Regional Military Administration is no exception. In this difficult time, we feel the need to help and be useful to each other. The full-scale invasion has been going on for more than 400 days, and Kharkiv IT Cluster has repeatedly directed its efforts to support the work of the Kharkiv administration and its employees.

After the missile strike on March 1, 2022, when Kharkiv was left without the OVA building and employees without a job. Kharkiv IT Cluster joined forces with the community to help the administration resume work as soon as possible. In addition, Kharkiv IT Cluster responded to the next request from KHOVA and, together with IT professionals, donated critical equipment for the successful holding of strategic meetings and meetings of the administration.

Kharkiv MAP

When the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration had an issue that required a digital solution, they immediately turned to Kharkiv IT Cluster for help.

The community has a company that responded to the request to develop a closed mapping system for managing critical infrastructure and key aspects of the region’s functioning. This is how the story of Kharkiv MAP resource creation by WEBSPARK began.

«The service is one of WEBSPARK’s volunteer projects, a visual mapping dashboard on the main indicators of the region, in which we have grouped all the information received in one place and transferred it to HOVA for use,» says Yevhen Katrych, CEO of WEBSPARK, about the new product.

Kharkiv MAP shows the following indicators in the Kharkiv region:

🔹 administrative and territorial structure (region, districts, territorial communities, local governments, execution of the general fund of local budgets);
🔹 the security situation (contact line and high danger zone, the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, active combat zone, danger zones according to the SES, civil defense structures, heating points);
🔹 critical infrastructure (electricity, water, gas, heat, mobile network);
🔹 roads (main roads, roads on the balance sheet of the region, destroyed bridges, railways, damaged railways);
🔹 service delivery (administrative service centers, retirement provision);
🔹 social infrastructure (healthcare institutions, educational institutions, damaged buildings);
🔹 agriculture (sown areas).

 functionality_1-3 Kharkiv MAP: new resource for effective management of the region's infrastructure

The regional administration kept in touch and worked with the temporarily occupied territories to always have up-to-date information to coordinate its interaction with the military.

«During the development process, we actively communicated with the heads of various departments: digital transformation, the State Emergency Service, utilities, education, and healthcare facilities. All of them were open to cooperation, everyone was willing to help in any way they could, which is extremely inspiring,» Yevhen shares his emotions after the implementation of the new service.

functionality_2-2 Kharkiv MAP: new resource for effective management of the region's infrastructure

Kharkiv MAP is used by department heads to see the current situation and be able to respond quickly to various circumstances. The project was created in a short time and launched on July 1, 2022. The system was developed under the patronage of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleh Syniehubov and under the personal supervision of his deputy Roman Semenukha. The project was presented to a representative of the Office of the President.

Kharkiv MAP is a social initiative WEBSPARK: the resource was developed on a volunteer basis as a help to the region from the IT company and the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

«In the first days of the full-scale invasion, our team brought together more than 2,000 volunteers as part of the IT4Life project. All of them helped civilians, doctors, police, utilities, and defenders by preparing free food, delivering medicines, and meeting other humanitarian needs. In addition, the cluster’s members allocated more than UAH 100 million to help the army and humanitarian needs said Olga Shapoval, Executive Director of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

functionality_3-2 Kharkiv MAP: new resource for effective management of the region's infrastructure

Kharkiv IT Cluster regularly helps to restore the city, so it is logical that HOVA turned to the cluster with their request. The community team helped with coordination between the regional authorities and the WEBSPARK team. CEO Yevhen Katrych personally managed the project:

«With the help of the developed system, it will be easier and more visible for the Kharkiv regional authorities to monitor key indicators and identify problems that require a quick response. This was especially important when the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated a large part of the region and it was necessary to coordinate volunteers and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the liberated territories in cities such as Kupyansk and Izium.»

functionality_4-2 Kharkiv MAP: new resource for effective management of the region's infrastructure

WEBSPARK is a socially responsible company, and its expertise has helped to implement extremely important projects, such as eTurniket or russianWarship.RIP. Every day the team fulfills its mission and does cool things that make life easier for Ukrainians, help the military, and bring our Victory closer! We are proud of our member!

Join Kharkiv IT Cluster — become a part of big changes and a progressive community! Make Ukrainian IT better!

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