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We’re sharing stories about the career guidance games from last week 👇

On February 26, the Kharkiv IT Cluster team held a Kids2IT career guidance game for schoolchildren from Kharkiv Lyceums No. 55 and No. 139, on February 28 – for high school students from Kharkiv Lyceum No. 178, and on March 1 – for schoolchildren from Kharkiv Gymnasiums No. 56 and No. 25.

Introduction to the IT Field at the Beginning of the Event

During the first part of the meeting, participants learned about the process of project development in an IT team and how ideas turn into real innovative solutions. In addition, Kharkiv IT Cluster demonstrated to the students the various professions that exist in the field of information technology. 🚀

But the most exciting part awaited the students after the theoretical part. The students were divided into several teams, and each of them had a task – to develop the idea of their innovative startup. 🤩

What was created?

Projects by Students of Kharkiv Lyceums No. 55 and No. 139

The “Bits and Byte” team presented an AI-based foreign language learning app “”.

This development offers an individual learning plan, considering different areas of language use (business, travel, accounting, IT, international relations, language for chemists, and teaching young children). The program has an intelligent approach to learning, allowing the user to control their study time 📚✨

Projects by Students of Kharkiv Lyceum No. 178

The “Levanse” team presented the “AromaDose” dispenser. This device is designed for dispensing perfumes and allows you to get an exact amount of the perfume at an affordable price. 🌬️🌸

The “Fubdies Studio” team created a 3-D holographic tablet “Illudium“. This tablet allows its users to display images in 3D models and observe the position of the object in real dimensions, positions, and states. It is very versatile, as it is suitable for both children (replacing plasticine and pencils) and adults (replacing computer programs and tablets for this purpose). 📲✍🏼

The “E-Paper” team developed the “E-Paper” server. This innovation is designed to store financial data in a secure environment, promoting the unification of global banking and preventing counterfeiting. Moreover, the digital currency “E-Paper” is stored in the cloud, making it accessible and safe for users. 💸⚱️

Projects by Students of Kharkiv Gymnasiums No. 56 and No. 25

The “NO Hassle” team proposed an app for purchasing cars from abroad called “GlobalAuto”. Now there is no need to travel abroad to find the perfect car – this program helps at all stages of selection and purchase.

You can order the car of your dreams very conveniently online, via phone, computer, or tablet. Moreover, a qualified manager is ready to consult you at every stage and help you with all the details 🚗✨

Are you willing to hold a Kids2IT career guidance game at your educational institution?

Quickly follow a few simple steps:

  1. familiarize yourself with the rules of the game;
  2. register your group for participation (this should be done by the teacher).

Participate in career guidance games within the Kids2IT project and allow your schoolchildren to get acquainted with the IT field and even develop an idea for their first project in it. 🌟

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