Kharkiv IT Cluster Presents the Loyalty Programme

IT Cluster IT Cluster

On the occasion of the Programmer’s Day, the Kharkiv IT Cluster presented its own IT Loyalty Programme. On the 12th of September the updated platform was announced after the closed broadcast of the Apple presentation at the “Planet Cinema”.

The project aims to create an assistant platform, which will help the IT industry employees to bring more comfort to their professional and personal life.

The IT Loyalty includes the page and the mobile application. The website gathers the own overviews of IT courses and events by the Kharkiv IT Cluster, as well as relevant information from bloggers, insiders, and business people, an IT calendar, a map of coworkings, tips from lawyers, etc.  

The mobile application is the digital loyalty system, interactive map of the city of Kharkiv, and events calendar. With its help it is possible to track the transactions, control bonuses, and get special offers into the inbox.

At the current stage the application is available for the iOS.

There are already over 300 participants, 8 partner companies, providing discounts for the Kharkiv IT Cluster members: SWEETER, Yaposhka, InVino, Beans&Brews, Penates, Sneaker mate, MeetMeat, Chio. There are also a tab with special price coupons, like 50% discount at the Planet Cinema.

In the nearest future it will be possible to get presents from the partners, using the platform. An Android version of the application, as well as the events calendar, and a new website are going to be released soon.

The platform was created by the Kharkiv IT Cluster team, and  ITOMYCH Studio.