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Today we’d like to tell you about Akvelon Ukraine — one of our partners and IT Cluster members — and their collaboration with universities aimed at updating curriculum for students studying major subjects.

Here is what Akvelon employees say about the collaboration:

“An important direction of the company’s development has always been the work on increasing the level of relevant knowledge of the young specialists from Kharkiv IT community. We’d like to work together with universities so that the students could get information about the demand for particular technologies in the market. We thrash over important things for the first interviews, upgrade necessary technical knowledge and soft skills together with working specialists having the expertise in particular questions.
We always support job fairs and Career Months, hold webinars and lectures for students, cooperate in terms of internship and we also invited them to have a tour of our office when it was still possible.

We have a particularly fruitful partnership with NTU KhPI because six months ago Akvelon Ukraine concluded a continuous cooperation agreement with the Polytech under which we’ve already held several technical webinars with hot topics for the IT community. The next stage was the preparation of three of our specialists to become lecturers of NTU KhPI where they’re now teaching elective courses”.

Together with Vladimir Metelev, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Computer Modeling of Processes and Systems, specialists of the company made syllabi of their learning programs for the subjects which have been included in the timetable for major subjects since the beginning of a new academic year in September.

“Our aim is an update of the curriculum, in other words, we want to help our students to learn the things which will be useful for them in the future while looking for their first job, we support young specialists by preparing them for job interviews, help to use the knowledge they got at the lectures with confidence.

To our great joy, enough students of different years of study signed up for all three subjects and here is a list of subjects included into the timetable: Introduction to iOS Development, Practical Application of the Theory of Algorithms in Software Development and Introduction to Data Warehouse”.

One of the lecturers from Akvelon Ukraine was also a student of this university twenty years ago, that’s why coming back to his Alma Mater as a lecturer was a significant event for him:

“There’s a new chapter in my life — I’ve become a lecturer in NTU KhPI. When I came to Kharkiv almost twenty years ago, I was impressed with everything in the city, and especially with my Polytech Uni. But when I was in my third year I felt sad for the state of the science. It involved, in particular, the attitude to modern subjects (the situation with core subjects was a bit better). The lecturers did their best and asked students how it actually worked. Then I got an idea to become a lecturer and bring modern knowledge inside these walls. Today, I’ve already given my first lecture in the same classroom where I used to study. I had mixed feelings, such as agitation, pride and a great sense of responsibility. But I want to say that dreams come true! Everything depends only on us!”

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