Kharkiv IT Cluster is to announce 2 events within the EU Code Week  

IT Cluster IT Cluster

Kharkiv IT Cluster joined the Meet and Code initiative within the  EU Code Week. Two applications won the grant support, and now the Kharkiv IT Cluster is working on organization of two events for young people.

The topics for the event are accessibility and Coding for conscious consumption. 

The participants will learn to create websites which will be accessible for people with colour perception disorder. The second group of participants will learn to create programs, using the AI technologies,which will choose the most ecological friendly alternatives for everyday behaviour.

Last year the Kharkiv IT Cluster also joined the Meet and Code initiative. With the support of the  Hillel IT School, Raccoon Gang, Telesens Academy and mentors over 50 young people generated their first lines of code and saw them in action.

We are sure that some of them decided to connect their professional life with technologies.