Kharkiv IT Cluster extends the composition of the Supervisory Board

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December 2017 – Kharkiv IT Cluster expands the current Supervisory Board of six with three additional members: Igor Braginsky, NIX Solutions president, Roman Katerynchyk, Artjoker CEO and Alexey Kholodenko, CEO of CodeIT.


At the General Meeting on July 12, 2017 the decision was made to expand the Supervisory Board to 9 members by the end of 2017. This will help to ensure more efficiency in Kharkiv IT Cluster  operations, as each member of Supervisory Board has personal responsibility for one of strategic areas of Cluster.


Since December 18, the Supervisory Board included three new members.

bra Kharkiv IT Cluster extends the composition of the Supervisory Board

Igor Braginsky, Ph.D. and Honorary President of NIX Solutions Ltd, joined the Cluster in 2015. As the Supervisory Board member, Igor will focus on developing the organization and attracting new members. Igor will strengthen such areas of activity of Kharkiv IT Cluster as education, networking and city PR. Igor will develop a cluster development strategy based on his vast experience in project management and knowledge gained in Wharton and Stanford. Igor also intends to involve the NIX Solutions Ltd team in his work within the Supervisory Board and use his extensive contacts both in Ukraine and abroad to improve the efficiency of the Cluster.

kat Kharkiv IT Cluster extends the composition of the Supervisory Board

Roman Katerynchyk, CEO of Artjoker, the Cluster member since 2015. Roman’s mission as a member of the Supervisory Board is to create a mechanism for experience exchange between the cluster companies, and also to build a system of consultants and mentors for the cluster members. Roman believes that if we create conditions for the member Companies to exchange experience and grow, the value of the Cluster from business perspectives will be even higher.

Roman has a close relationship with the youth city council and a number of organizations that actively interact with youth. Since IT is a very popular and promising direction, it makes sense to create a joint project with the Cluster and City Council to promote Kharkiv as the IT city.

kho Kharkiv IT Cluster extends the composition of the Supervisory Board

Alexey Kholodenko, CEO of CodeIT, has been in the Cluster since 2016. Alexey’s mission the Supervisory Board member is to use his professional skills, achievements, community and networking to implement Cluster projects and develop IT business in the region. He is ready to act as the driver of infrastructure projects in order to best meet the industry’s request for commercial Real Estate on the market, to personally participate in negotiation processes, meetings, to attract more businesses into the Cluster projects.

Alexey has experience in designing and building commercial Real Estate facilities for IT-Community, the Clients’ and partners’ experience in the development of the technology business, which will undoubtedly drive the development of the Cluster.


Kharkiv IT Cluster welcomes new members of the Supervisory Board and wishes good luck with their new responsible roles!