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In today’s world, where the speed of technological development and increasing competition play a crucial role in business, small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for effective tools to develop their activities and expand their opportunities in the international market.

In this context, the Enterprise Europe Network becomes a key and indispensable tool for support. In this article, Kharkiv IT Cluster will elaborate on the essence and advantages of the EEN consortium and describe in detail the registration process on the platform.

What is the Enterprise Europe Network consortium and its benefits for SMEs?

The Enterprise Europe Network consortium is the world’s largest business support network, established by the European Commission. It brings together over 600 organizations in more than 60 countries to promote innovation, international cooperation, and SME development on an international scale.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the EEN consortium opens up:

  • Opportunities for international partnerships. Through the network, SMEs can find new partners or investors for joint projects or ventures, mergers, and market expansion.
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies that can provide businesses with competitive advantages. You can both promote your own innovations to EU markets and attract them from abroad.
  • Consultation and support. SMEs receive consultations on export, intellectual property, financial planning, and business strategies from experienced experts.

Thus, registration on the EEN platform contributes to the competitiveness and rapid development of small and medium-sized business representatives, as well as innovative organizations.

What criteria must a company meet to register on the platform?

Before joining the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) platform, it is important to understand the criteria that must be met for your company’s registration.

The platform is intended exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises. It must be registered in one of the participating countries of the EEN program, which are united in one consortium. In addition, the company should aim to expand its business contacts beyond its own country, scale its own business, and initiate international cooperation.

The registration process on the EEN platform is quite simple. First, you need to create a company profile by providing necessary information about the sector of your activity, ambitions, and expectations from cooperation. The profile represents your offers and needs, according to which you seek partners. After its formation, your company will be included in the EEN database, where other network participants can find it and contact you for further interaction.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is the only one among Ukrainian IT associations that has officially become part of the EEN Consortium. Get additional details or assistance in registering company profiles on the EEN platform. Contact Kharkiv IT Cluster community managers in company’s private chats. Don’t hesitate — start building strong international relations through the Enterprise Europe Network consortium today!

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