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Public organizations of Kharkiv met with the George Milbradt, special envoy of the German government on reforms issues in the spheres of governance and decentralization in Ukraine. Kharkiv IT Cluster, one of the largest IT associations in Ukraine, also participated in the discussion which was held last week at the U-Lead office.

During the meeting, the participants discussed decentralization and the possibility of accelerating this process in the regions of Kharkiv district.

Mr. Millbradt emphasized that decentralization is a way to change thinking in order to teach people to self-organize on the ground, make decisions and perform them in favor of the community. But to achieve this goal it is necessary to create supportive environment.

Informing residents about potential opportunities, activating the population and leaders of public opinion and involving them in the processes of transformation, reforming are the main steps towards decentralization. Active communication with residents will help them to understand that decentralization will bring a new value to each of them and for the community as a whole.

Kharkiv IT Cluster already participates in city initiatives aimed at making life, study and work in Kharkiv better and more comfortable with the help of modern technologies. This is both Smart City and the participation in the development of the city and region development strategy for the next 8-10 years, as well as many other digitalization projects.

Thus, the organization participates in the development of the city’s infrastructure and helps Kharkiv to become a technological metropolis.

The U-LEAD program with Europe is funded jointly by the European Union and the member states of Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden, and supports the reform of decentralization and its sectoral directions.

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