Всесвітньо відома «конотопська відьма»: кейс компанії Gameloft

The world-famous “conotopian witch”: the case of the Gameloft company

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Kharkiv IT Cluster member company Gameloft is a publisher and developer of video games with headquarters in Paris and offices around the world. The team develops games for various platforms and cooperates with such world-famous companies as Marvel, Disney, and Illumination.

Like other IT companies that have actively joined the cyber war since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Gameloft also contributes to the information war: it develops a Ukrainian product, adds national cultural characters to global versions of its games, and takes place in nominations at
international competitions.

Kharkiv IT Cluster will talk about the popularization of Ukrainian culture at the international level and the witchcraft game from Gameloft, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ukrainian motifs on the world stage

Recently, the Gameloft team developed the character of a militant Ukrainian woman, which they called the Konotop Witch. The company shared this news on its Instagram page.

The Konotop witch is a legendary figure in Ukrainian folklore. It is said that she was a powerful sorceress who lived in the city of Konotop in eastern Ukraine.

According to legend, the Konotop witch was known for her magical power, which she used to help people in the city. She could heal the sick, predict the future and protect the town from evil. The Conotop Witch was also considered a person of wisdom and knowledge, and many people looked to her for advice and guidance. The legend about her is passed down from generation to generation in Ukrainian folklore. She continues to fascinate and inspire people to this day.

In the game, the Konotop witch is represented by a belligerent Ukrainian girl. She is endowed with powerful super strength. The character is armed with beauty and firepower, able to destroy crowds of enemies with a large explosion similar to cotton. The Idle Siege team has developed the most excellent commander or, more correctly, female commander.

vsesvitno-vidoma-konotopska-vidma-kejs-kompaniyi-gameloft-414x217 The world-famous "conotopian witch": the case of the Gameloft company
“It is incredibly pleasant not only to integrate Ukrainian motifs into the game but also to realize that our witch has already fallen to the hearts of players all over the world,” the team noted on its social network.

So, if you consider yourself a mighty warlord, then rush to the Unconquered Isles! There you will be able to test yourself for strength and pass a series of tests, improving your ability to make strategic decisions. So beat the drums and lead your army to war in the simple war simulator IDLE SIEGE!


The Academy of Video Game Arts and Technologies website is hosting a contest for the best video games of 2023.

IDLE SIEGE is presented by Gameloft in the nomination # BEST FOREIGN MOBILE VIDEO GAME. Here, video games developed abroad are awarded for their exceptional character and which are specially created for mobile platforms.

You can also support Gameloft to win this nomination by following the link.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is proud that such participating companies as Gameloft popularize Ukrainian culture on the world stage, and also represent Ukraine at international competitions thanks to quality products.

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