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Kharkiv IT Cluster, founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization, aims to bring together top Ukrainian IT companies, universities, and authorities to address shared challenges.

Join us in collaboration, unity, and the exchange of insights in fostering the ecosystem for technological businesses. Rooted in Kharkiv, expanding globally!



🎯 Join the Kharkiv IT Cluster and together with the community:

🎓 Strengthen your educational institution’s cooperation with business: establish contacts with IT companies that the Kharkiv IT Cluster unites for the common development of educational programms, internships and practices for students.

🔗 Evolve talented students and apprentices: give talented youth a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and gain cool experience under the guidance of IT industry practitioners, as well as receive cool gifts and opportunities for professional development and career growth.

💼 Update curricula: participate in updating curricula, syllabi and teaching methods together with experts from leading IT companies so that the knowledge your students acquire meets the modern requirements of the IT industry.

🌟 Improve your skills: take free IT refresher courses or master additional digital tools at free webinars and training courses from leading IT companies for teachers and lecturers.

📚 Promote your educational institution and attract students: tell our audience about your educational institution, join joint events and inform entrants about the benefits of studying at your educational institution.



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