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Kharkiv IT Cluster has always been a driver of change and useful innovative solutions, no matter what it is: education, the future of the city, or business development.

Regardless of the field of activity, business is in an unstable and turbulent environment — no one is immune to risks and force majeure. Therefore, every business and enterprise must be prepared for changes if they want to stay afloat.

The IT industry has a vivid case when, after February 24, 2022, it took companies only a few months to return and restore their capacities. In April, Kharkiv IT Cluster’s members resumed their operations by 93%, so we decided to share our experience with representatives of other industries.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is the only representative of the Ukrainian IT sector that is a partner of the EEN consortium.

ℹ️ Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions, which has 12 years of experience in business environments in 70 countries (Europe, USA, Asia).

During our partnership, we have organized several international events aimed at promoting international trusted connections of Ukrainian IT with partners and clients from different parts of the world.

In May, Kharkiv IT Cluster and the EEN consortium created a series of webinars on digitalization.

The goal of the initiative is to open up the best practices of the IT sector to businesses and enterprises in other areas, share experiences with colleagues and immerse them in the world of digital – to show options for optimizing the daily tasks and work of small and medium-sized businesses using new tools and approaches.

The series of webinars covered three topics:

📌 Effective planning and task distribution in a project. Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Jira;
📌 Social media for business;
📌 Artificial intelligence: for yourself, for business, for the team.

Two full-fledged events were devoted to each topic: a theoretical lesson and a practical workshop, where all participants, together with the speaker, had the opportunity to learn how to work with the tools in real life, solving their own daily tasks.

Topic 1: Planning and assigning tasks in a project

The first webinar was devoted to effective planning and distribution of tasks in a project using Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

The speaker of the meeting was Marina Altynnik, New Game Research Manager at G5 Entertainment AB, a teacher at SOURCE iT IT school.

Marina not only introduced all those present to Agile methodologies, but also immersed them in more basic concepts so that everyone could quickly understand the new topic and be in context.

Using simple examples, the speaker explained the difference between a «project» and «process» what to look for when working, and what stages any project goes through, regardless of its scope and type.

01_marina_eng-414x233 IT trends for business development

💻 The first webinar: Types of development methodologies. Agile. Scrum. Kanban. Reports and team interactions

The second meeting was held in the format of a workshop, its topic was «Jira: 5 steps to simplify workflows in the company»

The speaker of the event, Daria Zozulia, Community & Brand Coordinator at Kharkiv IT Cluster, showed how to work with any project using a program like Jira.

Daria not only described the functionality of each tool and the principles of software operation step by step and in detail, but also showed in practice how the knowledge gained can be used not only in work but also in everyday life.

For example, at the event, all those present together with the speaker created the project «Cooking Borsch».

Thanks to clear analogies and comparisons, everyone present now knows the basic components of the software: project, types of tasks, roadmap, whiteboard, backlog, and sprint.

02_project_borsch-414x233 IT trends for business development

💻 The second webinar: Jira: 5 steps to simplify workflows in your company

Topic 2: Social media for business

The next event, the third in a row, was dedicated to social media. The topic of the meeting was «SMM & Business. How to announce your business on social networks».

The speaker of the event, Iryna Volytska, Senior SMM Manager, strategist at Netpeak Agency, spoke about all the social networks that businesses can use today to achieve their goals: increasing brand awareness, sales, etc.

Iryna analyzed and explained all the features and functionality of Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn.

03_tips_iryna-414x233 IT trends for business development

🎬 Recording of the webinar «SMM & Business. How to announce your business in social networks»

Olga Sukhorukova, Senior Content Coordinator, Kharkiv IT Cluster, was the speaker of the workshop on social media.

The topic of the workshop: How to create a cool text? To be read and bought

Despite the fact that video content is now very popular, text does not lose its influence on communication between people.

Personal communication = personal reputation
Business communication = company reputation + personal reputation
Advertising text = company reputation + personal reputation + sales

04_olya_eng-414x233 IT trends for business development

🎬 Recording of the workshop «How to write a cool text»

Topic 3: Artificial intelligence: for yourself, for your team, for your business

The final topic of the digitalization webinar series was artificial intelligence, a technology that is popular in various industries.

Meta, Google, and Microsoft are already using AI to their advantage, but the events focused exclusively on how to integrate the new service into their own work and daily tasks.

The speaker of the theoretical part was Volodymyr Kalashnikov, Flutter Developer at Olearis, Senior GPT User, AI enthusiast.

The topic of the meeting: «Artificial intelligence: for yourself, for business, for the team»

Volodymyr shared with the audience:

📌 tips on how to integrate AI into business;
📌 courses where you can learn how to ask AI queries;
📌 his own experience of using the technology.

05_list-414x233 IT trends for business development

🎬 Recording of the webinar «Artificial intelligence: for yourself, for business, for the team»

The final event of the series was a workshop on the use of AI in everyday work tasks.

The speaker of the practical part was Ahmed Azhazh, Senior Systems Engineer at ERAM Ukraine.

The event covered how AI can be used to work with text, images, and data. The speaker demonstrated how Chat GPT, Bard AI, and Adobe Firefly can save your own working time and get relevant results.

Despite all the advantages, Ahmed drew attention to the problems and disadvantages associated with AI.

06_disadvantages-414x233 IT trends for business development

🎬 Recording of the workshop «Using AI technologies in everyday work tasks»


Upon completion of each topic, event participants received certificates of completion of digitalization webinars on a particular topic.

In addition, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses received practical tools that will help optimize processes and expand the company’s capabilities.

Join the progressive community of Kharkiv IT Cluster — become part of a unique networking event and get access to cluster services.

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