IT Loyalty’s peak February

IT Cluster IT Cluster

This month for IT Loyalty was not only productive and resultative, but it also has become a real breakthrough! We are glad to share with you our project’s achievements in numbers and facts. It is our little overall victory.

February for IT Loyalty was:

  • 500+ new users in the app, 
  • 650+ implemented transactions;
  • 11 new members. Among them are the unique restaurant «Snig na golovu», the sports club «EGOISTE», the travel agency «Do-While Travel», the delivery service «Ricco», and the creative studio «Verrocchio Art».
  • promo-codes for the concert of «Antytila», for «Planeta Kino» and «Antoshka»;
  • 3 new compilations in the IT Loyalty’s blog with useful city hacks.

We have even more ambitious plans and goals for the next month. Thank you for being with us. The further the better.

PS: If you still have not become a participant of the loyalty programs then download the app, make your leisure more diversified and save your money with us!